Chef Auguste Gusteau wants to spread a message to the masses with his cookbook, “Anyone Can Cook”. And you know what? He’s not wrong! We all have the ability to cook up a storm in the kitchen, but let’s be real. Not everyone can whip up a mouthwatering masterpiece. Some people just shouldn’t be trusted with a spatula.

Take the following individuals, for instance. Bless their hearts, but it’s a recipe for disaster every time they step foot in the kitchen. We’ve rounded up 32 hilariously messy cooking fails for your entertainment. Trust me. You won’t be able to hold back the tears of laughter.

Go ahead, scroll down, and check them out for yourself. Who knows, you might even see a reflection of yourself in one of these pictures. And don’t forget to cast your vote for the funniest photo. Oh, and please, share your own cooking catastrophes in the comments below. We can’t wait to hear them!

#1. Oops! I Forgot I Was Heating Oil for French Fries

Source: fasada68

#2. When Pizza Dough Rises and Your Oven Gets too Hot – Melted Bowl, Baked Dough, and Burned Kitchen Towel

Source: diverareyouok

#3. My Girlfriend Wanted to Cook for Me, and Then Disaster Struck

Source: TacoLake

#4. Takeout Was Getting Old, so I Tried Cooking Dinner for the First Time in Weeks

Source: lil-haystack

#5. Deep Frying Oreos Gone Wrong – Oil, Water, and a Melted Kitchen

Source: aleighleigh

#6. From Coffee to Noodles – the Case of the Forgotten Coffee Pod

Source: superleo42

#7. My Kitchen Burned Down, but Thankfully No One Got Hurt

Source: smolKalns

#8. First Night in the New House and We Almost Set It on Fire – Thanks to a Plastic Bag on the Stove

Source: Dadality0628

#9. Ant Infestation in My Kitchen – Turns Out They Were in My Cereal Box All Along

Source: bringbackflipphones

#10. Honey, Can You Take the Cinnamon Rolls Out in 15 Minutes? Sure Thing, Sweetie!… Wait, What?

Source: unknown / reddit

#11. When Baking Bread Goes Boom – Exploding Pan in the Oven

Source: gothsapphoo

#12. When Life Gives You Lemons, You Make Lemon Bars – and Then Drop Them on the Kitchen Floor

Source: Homesicktexan21

#13. Slow Cooker Disaster – 6 Liters of Hot Pineapple Juice Everywhere

Source: OceanSupernova

#14. Renting an RV for the Weekend – Glassware Not Included

Source: Cultural_Lock_1810

#15. How I Accidentally Set My Kitchen on Fire Last Night

Source: StarChaser_Tyger

#16. When You Forget About the Food in the Fridge – Power Outage Edition

Source: ssigea

#17. Mine-Cooked Macaroni – Just Done and Ready to Eat

Source: unknown / reddit

#18. BBQ Party Gone Wrong – When Ribs Catch Fire and You Need a Fire Extinguisher

Source: sudde004

#19. When Your Boyfriend Confuses Rice for Salt in the Rice Cooker

Source: bumbeel

#20. Mom’s Cleaning Spree Interrupted by a Bag of Chia Seeds on the Kitchen Floor

Source: Streetcar21

#21. Pizza Night Disaster – Oven, Pan, and Pizza Cutter Included

Source: Kawaii_Ninja_Cat

#22. When Your Oven Says “No” to Your Frozen Pizza Dreams

Source: XxWarmouthxX

#23. The Case of the Drunken 3 AM Cooking Adventure

Source: TravisUKY

#24. When You’re Proud of Your Cooking Abilities – Until Disaster Strikes

Source: javi2603

#25. When the Pepper Shaker Breaks Mid-Bean Cooking Session

Source: YoinkDoinkMo

#26. Peas Everywhere! A Casual Dinner Turns into a Mess

Source: Dbanzai

#27. Pasta Night Fail – When Homemade Tomato Sauce from Last Summer Goes Wrong

Source: karibot3

#28. Meal Prep Mishap – Drained Pasta Disaster

Source: dragonsgirl8

#29. First Meal in the Newly Fitted Kitchen – No Worries, Right?


#30. The Great Drip Tray Hunt – When You’re Already Cooking and Can’t Find It

Source: Kimritto

#31. Burger Blunder – When Your Grill is Surprised by Your Cooking Skills

Source: Bloodycrabs

#32. The Sad Remains of a Forgotten Steak on the Grill

Source: unknown / reddit
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