Let’s face it; not everyone has the time and energy in the kitchen. Some of us are already too busy with our daily schedules, and the time we could spend in the kitchen is better off spent on rest and leisure. However, health is wealth, and our daily diet plays a significant role in achieving a healthy body and mind. 

You could always get takeouts from healthy restaurants, but it’s not economical in the long run. So in the end, you’ll get fast food or settle for unhealthy “instant” meals. But before you totally give up on healthy eating, below are some tips and recipes that can give you hope that even a lazy person can cook healthy dishes every day. 

Plan Your Groceries and Meals

Now, before you have your eyes rolling, yes, this first tip is quite obvious. But the truth is, planning your groceries and meals for a week or longer wouldn’t even require any effort. You are already aware of the ingredients that you should skip or replace. Therefore, the next step is just planning your dishes around these healthy counterparts. 

For example, if you are a sweet tooth by heart, you know that you’ll eventually end up giving in to your sweet cravings. But instead of filling your cart with candies, cakes, and cookies, opt for healthier alternatives. Frozen fruits, fresh fruits, yogurt, or vegan cakes and ice cream, are just as delicious as those corn syrup-filled high-calorie sweets. You can even indulge in dark chocolate, which is good for the heart. 

Recipe Ideas for the Lazy

Look for recipes that are filling so that you’ll be less likely to crave unhealthy meals and snacks throughout the day. At the same time, consider the budget and time that you’re willing to spend in preparing meals to cull your recipes even more. This way, you can create an organized list, and you won’t end up getting annoyed in cooking. Oh, and bonus tip, don’t go grocery shopping when you haven’t eaten yet. You’ll make better decisions when you’re full, trust us. 

Prepare in Advance

Once you have a plan for each week, the next step is preparing the meals in advance. Nowadays, we are blessed with technology and continuous innovations that work to the advantage of a lazy person. In this review, you can see that convection microwave ovens can do the cooking for you. After all, isn’t it the dream to leave a machine to cook and then just come back when the food is ready?

You can prepare your meals in advance by cooking them and then freezing them. This way, you can just reheat them in your microwave. Imagine having a healthy breakfast burrito instead of a sugary processed cereal. Did you come home tired after a long day? You don’t need to settle to a pizza doused with preservatives. You can make your own and enjoy a healthy slice cooked quickly in a convection microwave oven. 

You can cook your meals beforehand, but you can also do the meal prep in advance. This way, the only cooking left will take less than an hour or even shorter. Take advantage of the good mood, extra time, and energy on your free days to do the slicing, boiling, frying, or baking. So that on your busy days, you can use your nifty kitchen appliances to finish the cooking for you. 

You can also create a large batch of a dish and separate it in multiple containers so that you can have different meals every day. You might even find yourself enjoying labeling each container like a true fitness enthusiast. 

Recipe Ideas for the Lazy

If you don’t feel annoyed and overwhelmed cooking every day, you will less likely give up on healthy eating. If you consistently cook at a short time, but you get to eat enjoyable dishes daily, you won’t think of meal prep or cooking in advance as a chore. 

Recipe Ideas for the Lazy: One-Pot Meals

One-pot, one-pan, one-baking sheet, one-jar, one-bowl, it doesn’t matter. These recipes are the epitome of a lazy person’s ideal meal. They have something in common, which is throwing all the ingredients in one cookware and then coming back to a delicious hearty meal. And as a bonus, you don’t need to watch them like a hawk. Oh, and you can also say goodbye to a sink full of dirty dishes since you’ll only be needing one cookware.

According to DiligentChef.com, you can use a convection microwave oven because it combines the quickness of a microwave and the cooking ability of an oven. You can also use your stove at low heat and let the ingredients improve the flavors of each other. 

Stir-fry is an amazing one-pan and easy to prepare meal. You can even substitute your meat with tofu and use different herbs for a unique experience every day. Let your imagination go wild with different flavorful combinations done in a single cookware. You might stumble upon your very own soup, pasta, or porridge recipe. Have you tried a healthy one-pot mac and cheese? Broccoli and cheese go so well together. 

To give you more one-cookware ideas, a seasoned baking sheet with thinly sliced chicken and a variety of veggies covered in teriyaki sauce is an easy yet delicious meal. You can also make bacon a tad healthier by cooking it in the oven. No messy drips and no additional oil needed for crispy bacon slices. 

Roasted vegetables are also a satisfying meal or side dish. Remember meal prepping? Toss in your frozen veggies in some olive oil, and seasonings in the oven until they are brown and they’re good to go. 

Oats and salads don’t even require any cooking. They’re basically tossing your ingredients in a bowl. Overnight oats can satisfy both your sweet and savory cravings. On the other hand, salads are easy to modify using different dressings and additional ingredients in your original mix. 

healthy dishes

Egg recipes are another healthy meal option for the lazy. They are packed with protein, and you can easily use them as the main ingredient or as an enhancer. Eggs are also versatile, so the recipe options are limitless. 

You can create an egg white omelet with some cheese and spinach leaves for a filling dinner or breakfast. Or, if you want, you can make a frittata with some cream, pancetta, and broccoli. Scrambled eggs with feta cheese and herbs are a step to your usual fried eggs. Or you can add boiled eggs to your salad for additional protein. 

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