A courageous father rescued his wife and three kids from a four-story building which was on fire in Sri Lanka.

However, police personnel, Fire-fighters and the residents placed mattresses on the ground. Therefore, the victims were able to jump to the ground without any harm.

Incident was captured on mobile phones by the observers who were gathered near the building.

Government authorities have investigated the incident and found out that The fire has erupted on the 3rd and 4th floors of the building. Unfortunately, it has trapped five people from the same family.

Kamanathan Ramarajah, 36, father threw his two kids from the third floor to the ground where it was protected with mattress. After some time, he securely carried his wife and rescued his wife as well.

“One of the children had suffered minor burnt injuries. Though they were thrown out of the building, the children and the toddler were safe and sound,” Dr. Saman Rathnayake told.

The firefighters were able to douse the fire with the support of the police and the residents.

However, everything went well due to the Immediate action which was taken by the father in order to rescue his three children and wife from the building.

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