In addition to the irreplaceable mother’s love, breast milk contains many more miraculous benefits. The latest benefit added to the list is that breastmilk from mothers recovered from COVID-19 may carry strong immune responses that can contribute for inventing a promising remedy for the deadly viral infection.

Researchers of the Icahn School of Medicine in New York carried out a series of experiments with the help of breastfeeding mothers everywhere. Dr. Rebecca Powell, an assistant professor of medicine in the Division of Infectious Diseases, requested samples of breastmilk from lactating mothers in order to check for antibodies that have the capability to fight against COVID-19.

In April, Dr. Powell told Forbes that she’s willing to recruit not only corona-positive patients but also mothers that are suspected of contracting the virus and mothers that are highly likely to be exposed to the virus, from all over the United States.

breastfeeding mother

Lots of mothers were willing to participate in this research, and Dr. Powell was able to collect not less than 900 samples, thanks to them.

The hypothesis behind her research is very simple. That is, since a part of the antibodies in breastmilk comes from blood, it can contain antibodies that can effectively battle COVID-19. If the breastmilk contains higher levels of antibodies with optimum protective function, it can be used beyond feeding infants, by treating severe patients after purification. And of course, you can get Help with WIC class for the right education.

The final results of the research strongly supported Dr. Powell’s claims, as data reports showed that there are strong immune responses in breastmilk of mothers infected by a coronavirus. Following this, Dr. Powell told Reuters; “Coronavirus-infected nursing mothers should continue breastfeeding throughout the illness because while the virus does not transmit through breastmilk, antibodies are definitely present in milk, and that can protect their babies from getting infected.”

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