Winter is an awesome time for fun, celebration and has a cozy time during the holidays. But on the other hand, it is cold, chilly and you will have a pretty hard time getting out of your bed. Just like how it can be chilly and hard for us humans, animals do have a hard time in the winter’s cold as well.

Especially since every animal does not get the chance to be inside our cozy homes, it can get pretty chilly out there. And as farmers prepare for every season, they prepare for winter as well. Even though most people are not aware of this fact, baby cows get their own ear-muffs to wear in the winter! The reason for this is that baby cows are still immature to handle the winter’s cold and they are more susceptible to the cold. So, farmers cover their ears with knitted muffs and they look very cute! Twitter user Rob N Roll recently found a set of baby cows with adorable ear-muffs on and thought he should ‘tweet’ this out. And it turned out to become a big element of attraction online, scroll down to check out more.

More info & Photo courtesy: Twitter


Cow Ear Muffs
Photo Credit: Twitter

This tweet got more than 50, 000 retweets and more likes. Even though the public was not aware of it, this tradition of covering the ears of baby cows has been going on regularly. As more and more people gathered, they shared the information on how this is a regular practice in animal rearing and the reasons for it.


Cow Ear Muffs
Photo Credit: Twitter

As more people gathered they found out a company; Moo Muffs that produces these nylon & fleece ear muffs which are cute and practical at the same time.


Cow Ear Muffs
Photo Credit: Twitter

What do you think about these adorable ear-muffs that these baby cows wear? Let us know in the comments section below.

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