Crazy Horse had been under development for 70 years as a tribute to the 19th leader of the Oglala Lakota Tribe. This is being built in the Black Hills, South Dakota near Mount Rushmore and would be the world’s 2nd biggest sculpture. The first biggest is the Statue of Unity that in India. And still, the memorial is under construction and would take a long time to complete.

To Lakota Crazy Horse is very important as he went against the US government and stopped the white from settling in the American’s Native territory.  He is well known for the Little Bighorn Battle Victory in 1876 and he had also led some more battles. After a request by a Lakota chief, the development of Crazy Horse had been started in the 1930s. An Ogala Lakota Chief, Henry Standing Bear had taken the responsibility to memorialize the Crazy Horse. At that time the Mount Rushmore was under development and he had felt that the Native American leader not including among the Presidents was unjust. Though he had appealed many times to include him it was not a success.


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Therefore he had spoken to a Korczak Ziolkowski in 1939 and in 1948 the work of the project had started after Henry had given all his land in exchange for the mountain to the government. By refusing all the funds given by the government he had started the work. Though he had said that it would take 30 years to complete this it was wrong. Ziolkowski had died when he was 74 years in 1982 and afterward, his wife Ruth Ziolkowski had taken the project to her hand. While going on with the project she had only done few changes to the initial plan. She had thought that when the face of the Crazy Horse is done it would attract tourists and the money could be used in further developments.


Photo: Jonathunder via Wikipedia

Along with 7 of their children working in the project they had revealed the face of the Crazy Horse in 1998. And in 2014 Ruth had died and after Monique Ziolkowski, her daughter had taken charge of the Foundation and she runs it currently. As a part of the staff, 3 children of Ziolkowski and 3 of his grandsons work in the staff. A satellite campus is also included in the project by the South Dakota University and it operates under the educational and cultural center. 

Some relatives of the Crazy horse is not agreeing with the project, they say that the family was not consulted by Henry before starting the project. Also, some say that Crazy Horse would not be comfortable with the sculpture due to his humility. And some others think that it’s more about Ziolkowski and his family than the legendary Crazy Horse.

#3 The construction is still going on and it’s been over 70 years

Photo:  Osservastro / CC BY-SA

#4 A model of the sculpture that’s been constructed

Crazy Horse

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