This is a very striking event as the Football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo removed the Coca-Cola bottles which were on the Euro 2020 press conference table. Coca-Cola is the official sponsor of this entire tournament. But the Portugal star wasted no time after sitting down. He removed the fizzy-drink bottles from the sight of the cameras and placed a water bottle in front of him.

The reason is, this 36 year old superstar-athlete is very concerned about his health and he does not consume any fizzy drinks to uphold his health and physique. This happened during the Euro press conference. He sat down to discuss about the Football match between Portugal Vs Hungary. Please scroll down to check out more of this shocking incident.More info & Photo courtesy: DailyMail | Youtube |



His disapproval of ‘Coca-Cola’ was clearly seen on his face as he removed the bottles from his sight as soon as possible. Adding on to that, he raised his water bottle saying “Drink water!” to the cameras before placing the bottle right in front of him for the rest of the conference.


Ronaldo is known for upholding very good health and physical wellbeing. Even at home, he does not allow his son to drink fizzy drinks and other products which are not healthy. He is such a famous superstar all over the world who is known by millions of people. So, Coca-Cola received a big rejection in Ronaldo’s actions.


Check out this video of Ronaldo removing the ‘Coca-Cola’ bottles from the table at the Euro 2020 press conference!


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