Science and brilliant minds invent the vaccines for slowing the efficacy of the dreaded COVID-19 virus, and its mutations, is the true super-hero of the global pandemic. At warp speed, genius thinking, globally, became fully engaged in targeting the genetic sequence of this disease and quickly developing a safe, yet potent, deterrent to its toxicity.

Since COVID-19 is a coronavirus similar to SARS-CoV-2, initial work had begun to find a cure beginning in 2003 – 2012.  A spike protein had been earmarked as the problem, initially, and now it has become the cure in this deadly disease. In its vaccine state, this protein works to induce the body’s immune response, to naturally conquer it, and provide anti-bodies against future exposure.

The spike protein within the COVID-19 corona virus, penetrates the cell outer membrane, and begins to attack the lungs, heart, liver, kidneys and migrates from the brain to the toes. It attacks the body, like nothing before had done. Patients suffer with short- and long-term effects.  Many people cannot fight it at all.

Curbside And Drive-Through Vaccination Sites For COVID-19

Before Curb Side Vaccines Could Occur, Their Needed to Be Innovation

Innovation is making drive-through vaccinations possible. When injected into the human system, the vaccines stimulate white cells to copy the spike protein, and destroy the genetic material from within the vaccine. The body’s A-lymphocytes, and B-lymphocytes are trained to detect and fight the virus, now, and at any time. There is no live virus in the vaccine.

Why Get Immunized?

Getting vaccinated is crucial in protecting yourself, and everyone you come in contact with, since the virus spreads through droplets emitted into the air. Very few treatments have been found to be as effective as having this vital injection.

Stopping the spread of COVID-19 requires a commitment by everyone to get vaccinated with one of the approved vaccines, either once or twice, in a timely manner of several week intervals. The Center for Disease Control (CDC), and Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergies, and Infectious Disease, highly recommend the vaccine, as the most eminent eradicator of this dreaded disease.

Know Before You Go: Who Gets the 1st Series of Inoculations?

Supplies of the Pfizer-Bio N Tech, and Moderna vaccines, are limited, temporarily. Until the enormous task of dispensing the vast amounts of these drugs, is structured, there will be a wait time for an appointment.  The CDC has determined the most critical need recipients, and is directing federal, state, and local governments to allocate the initial doses to:

  • Frontline essential workers – doctors, nurses, hospital staff, firemen, police, food and agricultural workers, postal service employees, public transit workers, teachers, daycare workers.
  • People aged 65-74 and older due to their frailty.
  • People 16-84 with serious underlying health problems.

Keep Your Health Pristine – Pop-in Your Car and Pop-Up to Get the COVID-19 Vaccine

As a nation with a known proclivity for unique and cutting-edge problem solves, the United States, recognizing the urgency in getting 331 million people vaccinated, at warp speed, is improvising.  Guess what?  It works.

A major challenge is to keep social distances, yet quickly get the vaccine in the arms of the masked populous, without creating “a spreader event” which would cause a spike.  Allowing the people who meet the recommendations to do so in a drive-up capacity.

To make the most of your curbside, drive-through vaccinations, consider the following:

  • Make an appointment online, or by phone, in advance, and providing identification, pre-existing conditions information, contact information, proof of age, and other criteria, to qualify for the vaccine, without close interaction. This action is a total win for all.
  • Safely, drive up in your car to await an injection, socially distanced, with an after waiting time of 15 minutes, for clearance from any negative reaction, without co-mingling.
  • Driving to obtain your vaccine gives those with ambulatory problems, and other conditions, easy access to this life saving medication. Driving safely, covered with insurance, in case of an accident, due to large numbers of motorized participants, is a wise proactive step in this process. Freeway Car Insurance is available to quickly assist in providing overage or with any roadway problem with great care and efficiency.
  • Being added to the system online, automatically, for a second injection, if needed, for the Pfizer vaccine, enhances the distribution of the vaccine, in one convenient place, for all.
  • No added stress or inconvenience is experienced. Family members, or caregivers, may accompany the vaccine recipient, for added support, and closely monitored after-effects. This process of pulling up to the curb, or waiting in line, patiently, in the comfort of your vehicle, is a fail-safe event.  In a pandemic, this is an excellent solve.

Curbside And Drive-Through Vaccination Sites For COVID-19

Lucky to Score COVID-19 Vaccine

As the vaccine becomes more available, and more locations for drive up and pop locations are established Americans will experience less wait times, organized tracking for second dosage, and an accurate method to track any reaction issues, for follow up needs.

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