As per the New York Post, Peter Levine, 51 has stated that he was trying to get his 21-year-old son Matt to come home early from his holidays.

Peter added that the news here was getting, even more, worse and that Matt has sent pictures of him and his friends gathering outside and listening to live music.

Peter has told Matt and his friends that he won’t collect them from the airport when they were ready to come back from the airport. Also, he disallowed them from coming into the house.

Peter says that when Matt and his friends got down from the car near their driveway he said “Stay right there! You can’t go any further!”.

Peter told that even though in the first place Matt and his friends planned on staying at home for vacation later the decision changed. That’s because Peter didn’t want to put Matt’s grandparents in danger by getting exposed to COVID-19.

Peter said that ‘I love my son, but I didn’t allow them to sleep inside. If any of you have to pee, there are bushes. Two of Matt’s friends took me up on it.’ Matt and his friends were forced to drive two hours to their on-campus apartments.

Anyhow, Peter filled Matt’s car with bags of groceries and gave him $300 in cash before sending them away. Peter added: “Their lease finishes in June and none of their parents want them to come home because it’s too risky.”

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