Feeling a little trapped core? Your question in your closet which pair of sweatshirts should be adapted to your “day” outfit. Or you are severely contemplating rejecting a million toys around your house. Whatever your isolated condition, you are not alone – a dad summed it up in a wonderful parody of Adele’s “Hello”.

Father Chris Mann was a previous participant on ‘The Voice’

One’s father calls his must-see video “an Adele epidemic parody” – and it rolls us all in our beds.

The video begins with the singer-songwriter pressing aggressively against her window while singing.

“Hello / It’s me / I’m dreaming about running out to try in California.”

Aren’t we alone?

He remains to express our corporate social distances:

“I shouted freely to the neighbours I wanted to see / when we were outside.”

Laugh and shudder.

Then he prepares the memorable music

Among all the rage he can muster, Mann belts out “Hello from the inside / It’s me and me” – and raises one of the primary questions we all ask ourselves each day: “What’s the intent of placing on the pants anyhow?”

Sincerely – what’s the value?

Watch the most relatable-it-hurting video:

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