Imagine having a dad who is way too cooler than you; who can be so supportive to his children and enjoy whatever the silly thing that his children do. Even though it is just a dream for most of the children, such type of cool dads exist.

Tom Curtis who lives in London is the perfect example for a cool dad. He has two kids called Dom and Al. Dom is 11 years old while Al is 8 years old. He loves his kids so much that he literally can’t stay away from them. Tom’s kids love drawing. Since Tom always spends a lot of time with his kids and supports their skills for drawing and painting, one day a brilliant idea came to his mind.

He collected all the pictures drawn by his kids and started recreating them using Photoshop. The first attempt went well. Then on he started recreating those pictures and started to give his maximum to give those images a real look and the final output was hilarious as well as terrifying.

This dad didn’t forget to create his own social media pages to upload these amazing creations. He named his web page as Not just that, but this dad didn’t forget to publish his own book on behalf of his children Dom and Al.

There in that book, it says, “Have you ever wondered what the world would look like if children’s drawings were real? Wonder no more. Global Instagram sensation THINGS I HAVE DRAWN does just that – and the results are AMAZING.”

More info- Instagram | Twitter (Dad) | Twitter (Children) | Book |

Scroll Down To Check Some Of His Photo-Realistic Scenes




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I know you might think that I’m having a laugh, Well I’m not – because this is an actual giraffe. __ Hello everyone. So we’re currently working on a couple of interesting new projects, but they’re taking a bit longer than I thought they would, so I’ve decided to re-share one of our earliest, but, I think, funniest animals – Dom’s giraffe. Actually it’s probably my favourite rhyme as well. We’ve not shown this exact picture on Insta before – this is the photo from our book ‘Things I Have Drawn at the Zoo’. By the way, we’ve started a new Twitter account. It’s very early days with no followers. There’s just a few of our old favourites on there so far, but eventually we might start previewing stuff on Twitter before it hits Insta. Check it out at if you like (it’s ‘I’ve’ because ‘I have’ was too long for the Twitter handle!) Oh – and we’re also on for any older people out there. __ #thingsihavedrawnatthezoo #giraffe #kidsdrawings

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#Ad “Masterful stroke work….facile technique… And beguiling proportions of body and beak.” ___ Hi everyone. We were overwhelmed by the response to our last post, The Girl with a Pearl Earring, which, despite being a paid-for post was, incredibly, our most liked ever. Thank you so much. Here’s the second in our series for @mauritshuis_museum – another fantastically famous painting, The Goldfinch, by Carel Fabritius, with a wonderful interpretation by 4 year old Unni, sent in by her mum @ellenlindhblom ___ This week, for our accompanying rhyme, we tried to imagine what an art critic might say about the unusual masterpiece we’ve created together. We couldn’t not make some comment about that amazing beak! Keep a look out next week for the final image in our Dutch masters series. ___ #thingsihavedrawn #mauritshuisathome #mauritshuis #mauritshuischallenge #thehague #denhaag #thegoldfinch #hetputtertje #carelfabritius

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#Ad ‘The Girl with a Pearl Earring’ by Johannes Vermeer. Hang on a minute – I can’t see her ear. ___ Hi everyone. So – we don’t do many paid-for posts, but I’m sure you’ll understand that when we were approached about working with one of the most famous and revered paintings in the world – well, we couldn’t say no. What an absolute privilege it is to be partnering with Dutch gallery @mauritshuis_museum on, not just this, but two more paintings (coming soon) in their incredible collection. This masterpiece is a team effort between 17th century artist, Johannes Vermeer, and 21st century artist, Defne Alisa, who’s 6. Hope you like it. ___ #mauritshuis #mauritshuischallenge #mauritshuisathome #girlwithapearlearring #meisjemetdeparel #vermeer #thehague #thingsihavedrawn

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