With multiple riots happening across America due to the brutal death of George Floyd, rioters have started to rob and destroy small businesses. On last Saturday, one such business owner got severely beaten when trying to protect his store from rioters.

This violent incident took place on the night of last Saturday, in Dallas. This small business owner allegedly defended his store and himself using a sword when rioters descended his store. As a result, the store-owner was brutally beaten by the rioters and was severely injured. The video of the man getting beaten is extremely disturbing as the rioters viciously beat him using skateboards, rocks, and fists, and even kick him in the head. The rioters took no time to render the man bloody and make him unconscious.

[WARNING: This video contains graphic violence]:The following video captured by Elijah Schaffer shows the brutal incident.

The police discovered the man in the Victory Park area in the city, slumped over with blood pouring out from the gashes in his head. According to the police, the victim was stable when found. Later, he was taken to the hospital by ambulance and is currently receiving treatment.

The footage captured by Elija Schaffer of Blaze TV shows the alleged owner of the store rushing in the direction of a group of rioters with a long sword-like blade in his hands. But the man was brutally beaten by a furious mob of rioters within seconds. In the said video, one of the protesters was heard yelling “Turn him over!”, while another one says “Don’t touch him.”

According to Carlos Almeida, the Dallas police spokesperson, the victim has gone to the 2200 block of N. Lamar Street (House of Blues) carrying a machete in an attempt to protect his neighborhood from rioters. He also added that this case remains an ongoing investigation.

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