There are certain people in the world who would do anything to feel thrill in their life and make unforgettable memories.

They are willing to risk their lives for what they love, whether they are jumping off a cliff or jumping out of an airplane or even high diving into crystal clear water, these people are the ones who are actually enjoying their lives beyond the limits.

This couple proves our point as on the day they committed themselves to each other for the rest of their lives.

Kimberly Weglin and Ryan Jenks got married in Moab, Utah – suspended 400 feet above a canyon.

Their wedding photos, featuring them on a spider web looking contraption as they said their vows, have gone viral.

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This is not just their hobby but their life as they do it for work
They have started a website for slackline and high line art, education, and resources, it’s called “slackademics”

They travel around the world and take in the scenery of Yosemite and other places through high lining and slacklining, with the GGBY Festival in Utah being a yearly tradition.

In November 2017, the couple was more than ready to vouch for each other.
These photos of the big event were taken by adventure wedding photography team, The Hearnes.

Andy Lewis, their best man created an incredible, brightly coloured space net for the occasion.
As they were suspended 400 feet above the Earth, they shared words of love. While they were exchanging their vows, their closest friends were doing amazing things all around them.

The best past was, below them there were people performing acts on aerial skills and unique interpretation of the “flower girls”.

Luckily, the couple knows a lot of other lovers of extreme sports.

Their “flower girls” were actually BASE jumpers! When they jumped off the sides of the cliffs, thousands of rose petals were released from their backpacks.

“That’s our whole life,” Weglin said. “We didn’t really change anything about our lives to make this wedding happen, which I think is the interesting part that a lot people don’t really realize. We live this lifestyle every single day.”

Their photographer Abbi and Callen Hearnes completely enjoyed the wedding and had an amazing time with unforgettable memories.
“I am so beyond in love with this amazing community and stoked to see everyone’s creativity come together for Kim and Ryan,” said Abbi.

“It was so fun to be able to take the traditional ceremony of marriage and turn it into something so completely ‘us,’ down to every last detail,” said Kimberly.