Adjustment to college life after school is always a challenge for young adults. One reason to be unsuccessful in navigating stress, depression, anxiety during college days is that the maturity and relevant life skills are still in the development stage.

In recent times keeping in view the rising number of college students going through depression and anxiety, public health organizations, advocacy groups, and mental health experts have described it as an epidemic.

Another important thing to note here is that several common disorders emerge during young adulthood. These disorders include depression, mood disorders, anxiety, schizophrenia, and personality disorders. Researchers have pointed out that 75 percent of people that will go through some mental disorder in the future have their first onset around the age of 25 years.

According to experts from, colleges and Universities are reporting a rise in the number of students who are seeking help from counselors at official counseling centers. Even some institutes are facing difficulty to serve all the student timely due to high numbers.

What are the reasons behind this increase? Do more students face mental health issues now as compared to the past? Do students feel more secure now to report mental health issues? The answer to these questions is not simple.

Let us have look at the reason for depression and anxiety. Also will look at how this increase in numbers is explained by recent research and why this increase should be considered as a true epidemic.

Traumatic Event as a Trigger Point:

Students at the campus have different personalities and come with a variety of experiences, fears, beliefs, and emotional states. They also differ in the approach of seeking help.

Sometimes students come to the college with already diagnosed anxiety and some student have never gone through any kind of depression or anxiety.

Any traumatic event in the life of a student can trigger a problem that will lead him/her to anxiety and depression. Example of such case is Jasmine Williams, a digital media specialist and public speaker. She told her story that she never went through any kind of depression or anxiety until the sudden death of her older brother in her first year at college.

She went through severe anxiety and depression until she started to speak and share her emotions with her friends.

Depression and Anxiety in College Students

Rise in Number of Students Seeking Help:

Ben Locke, Ph.D., a mental health expert serving at Pennsylvania State University, believes that the rise in mental health issues in college students is recent. As per him, numbers are increasing because more students have started to take the counseling options at the college counseling centers.

He points out the effort of educational institutes who have created awareness and encouraged the students to report if they are facing any mental health issue.

True Epidemic:

Based on the available information, we can say that there is no doubt that depression and anxiety in college students is a true epidemic. But important to keep in mind that it is not a recent occurrence but existed in the past as well. Yes, it is identified in the recent past and all the concerns need to work together for its better solution.

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