Is Jim Carrey a wise man? Some may have a shadow of a doubt. However, a new broom sweeps clean but an old broom knows the corners. So apparently there’s wisdom in his years of experience I say that’s worth a hear. Jim Carrey always leaves something to think about and to learn in his talks.

For those still in the dark and consider he’s one crazy bum, Jim Carrey is someone who’s fought and conquered the tough battle with depression for long long years in his life. And now, having won his happy place, who else could be better than him to talk about how hard it is?

A ‘persona’; the aspect of someone’s character that is presented to or perceived by others. This is what Jim Carrey talks about in his video below, which is a total new turn from his earlier versions on depression which you may have watched or listened to. His description in this video paints a picture of how the current ‘Jim Carrey’ persona was created. At the end of the day, we are all giving life to different personas or pretence, which is quite a gloomy thought and yet it’s true, isn’t it?

To find your content, your bliss, you need to drop all that make-believe personality vices as Carrey has done. And his simplified re-production of ‘depression’ interpreted as a “deep rest”, which is quite a rebellious announcement may not agree with a major. And yet, we all know that it takes all kinds to make a world. So this Carrey-therapy could apply to many out there who are struggling in an uphill climb, trying to discover who they really are, which will in turn help them break free of the depression enclose.

I would love to quote from his video the below inspiring fragment to touch that soft spot which will kindle a fire in your heart.

“People talk about depression all the time. The difference between depression and sadness is, sadness is just from happenstance—whatever happened or didn’t happen for you, or grief, or whatever it is. Depression is your body saying f*ck you, I don’t want to be this character anymore, I don’t want to hold up this avatar that you’ve created in the world. It’s too much for me.”

So here you go. Let us hear your thoughts too.