Dogs are amazing and beautiful creatures on their own, but great designer dog collars can make them stand out even more. Pet owners love buying nice dog supplies and accessories to make their pet friends even more special and cute, and a nice, beautiful collar is the very first thing that comes to most people’s minds.

Designer Dog Collar For Your Pet

While being cute isn’t the most significant feature that a good collar should have, designer dog collars manage to combine all the best characteristics together. Lots of designer items (and especially if they’re hand-made) are strong, lasting, reliable, and they also look stylish and unique. To find out why you should have at least one designer dog collar in your collection, you should know about some main features of this item.

They are made to last for years

One of the best things about a hand-made designer dog collar is that it will stay strong and beautiful for many years. Craftsmen from tend to care about their reputation a lot, and they are looking forward to getting reliable clients, so they produce each item really carefully. Mass-produced items are meant to be replaced, because huge companies want you to buy more, but smaller businesses have a different approach. They want you to buy premium quality items that are durable and strong, so you’ll want to come back and buy something else from them later.

A designer dog collar doesn’t have to be made by a lux brand to be great. It doesn’t have to cost hundreds of dollars either, but hand-made items can’t be cheap, because it’s a long and hard work to produce them. But a premium quality item is like an investment: buying a great dog collar once, you won’t have to replace it later, so it can actually save you money.

You can find lots of designs you’ll love

Dog item designers create lots of amazing dog collars. They are made of various materials, including (but not limited by) leather, nylon, polyamide, steel, strong fabric. You can get a classy and simple collar, or a tweed bow tie collar, or a nylon ribbon of any color – the number of options is limitless. These designs can show your personal taste and sense of style, and you can even get a collar that matches your favorite outfit, so you will look great while walking your canine.

Lots of items you can find at pet shops also come with nice additional elements that look pretty. You can find collars with pendants, rhinestones, labels, templates, bows, and basically anything else. Some tactical collars have additional hardware and handles, so it’s way easier to train your unruly dog, or to cross the street safely.

While some people might say that collars with additional elements are less reliable, it’s not always the case. Designer collars are tested to be reliable and strong, so even if your pet is a puller or a chewer, it won’t destroy it. Even items that are constructed from multiple pieces (like leather+rope or leather+fabric options) are strong enough to withstand impressive pulling force.

They are special

When you order a custom-made collar, you can be sure it’s pretty unique – and that’s something lots of people are ready to pay for. A unique item is a statement, it’s a symbol of your taste, and also it shows how much you love and care for your pet friend. You can become sort of a designer yourself while making a special order, and a craftsman will help you make it durable and strong.

Designer Dog Collar For Your Pet

Hand-made collars aren’t always unique, but the chances you’ll meet someone with the same dog collar are pretty low. Even simple designs can easily be customized with special lettering, hardware, or pendants. Also, these collars just feel special, because you can easily see that they’re made with love. Smaller businesses who produce dog supplies are often pet owners themselves, so they clearly know what dog owners and their pets like and need the most.

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