Hair treatments are expensive and not everyone can afford them. So, when you have thin, dull hair, you may buy some wigs for rocking the party. Buying wigs may or may not be easy. You have to decide cautiously. Also, maintaining wigs is another important thing to know. In this blog, a detailed guide is provided on the different types of wigs available and how to maintain the wig for longer use.

Female Hair Wigs

Wigs are not the cheapest hair styling option. If you want to buy good quality glueless braided wigs, you may need to spend four hundred dollars to five thousand dollars. Prices vary depending on the manufacturer. If you don’t have enough money, choose synthetic wigs. You may even buy a wig for fifty dollars. But they are not easily available in the market. As they are low in value, they have a short life as well. You can use them for only a few months if used regularly. If you are maintaining natural hair wigs, you can use them for years.

Different Types Of Female Hair Wigs

Here are different kinds of wigs;

1.  Artificial Wigs

As the name shows, they are artificial wigs and can be bought at local salons. These are synthetic hair wigs and are flexible in size to fit any head. You may buy them in the price range of $30-$500; while on average, you may get a good hair wig for $200 – average price.

2.  Lace-Front Hair extensions

These hair wigs are made of natural hair and a closure attached to the unit’s crown. These may be expensive and the average price is 250$. 

3.  Full-Lace Hair extensions

This is also made from human hair and uses a lace cap. The lace cap adds to the flexibility of the wig and you can style it in any way. Whichever is your favorite hairstyle, try it. Before applying the wig, first, braid your hair in cornrows. Now apply adhesive glue and set the wig. To secure the wig, apply wig clips. These are costly and the price starts from a minimum of two hundred dollars. If you want to buy a good quality full-lace wig, then your budget should be at least $400-$500

4.  Custom Wigs

Custom Wigs are also made from natural hair on the demand of the client. These are customized based on the head circumference and style preferences. Contact a professional for a customized hair wig like Knotless braid wigs. You can buy them at an average price of $250.

How to maintain the wig?

Wig hair can be maintained as you take care of the natural hair. Don’t sleep with wig hair, make sure to hang them on the mannequin head. If the hair extension is sewn along the hairline, then wear a scarf at night. Use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner for washing the wig hair. Wash the wig twice a month if you are wearing it regularly. If you wear it occasionally, it is enough to wash once a month. Washing the wig more than twice a month vanishes the shine. It is not recommended to use heat styling on synthetic hair. Avoid using styling creams or oil on synthetic hair.

Take Away!

Buying hair extensions is a good idea if it is affordable. Lookup for the appropriate wig and then take steps to maintain the shine.

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