Lucifer is a disabled yet adorable black cat, who injured his spine in an accident when he was quite young. The fatal accident made Lucifer paralyzed, but to his luck an animal clinic in Perm, Russia took him in and nursed him back to health. Thanks to their kindness Lucifer is doing much better as a disabled cat.

Although he is still paralyzed and not fully recovered, Lucifer can drag himself around the vet clinic and it soon became a highlight where he visits other sickly pets in the facility. During his daily routine of visits, he would go and help these animals.


Lucifer, or Luc, as his loving caretakers at the clinic, call him now is comforting to many pets at the shelter. He cuddles with them for hours and helps keep them warm. Many cats that are in the shelter have also used his services as a blood donor.


Lucifer helps other animals in need because he too suffered a fatal incident and knows what the animals are going through. He shares a special bond with each and every animal that walks into the clinic. He has a compassion for other animals that is natural and has earned a place in the hearts of all who know him. He is truly an amazing and adorable cat.


Check out this video of cute little Lucifer visiting the animals at the Russian Vet Clinic.

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