This might sound like a very unusual for you. But it is true. This was experienced by the diver Susan Prior. She usually dives as a hobby and also to clean the waters of pollution done by humans.

Prior does this as a habit to give her part to the world by picking out trash from the seabed every time she goes out for a dive. But this time it was a bit different. She dived into the waters and found something really weird about a fish. She could not believe her eyes as she saw a fish with a wedding ring which was lost at sea. Scroll down to check out the story and comment down your ideas to share with us.More info & Photo courtesy: | Facebook | Instagram

#1. The Fish who was wearing the ring.

After releasing the fish out of this ring, she recognized that this was a ring that was reported missing recently and returned it to the owner.

She actively takes part in cleaning the sea beds that she dives over. She has collected many non-biodegradables from the sea bed that causes destruction to the eco-systems as well as the ocean life.

#2. Prior usually dives in this location.

People trash the oceans more than anyone is aware about it. These matter does not only chemically harm the eco-systems but also disrupts ocean life, just like the ring was stuck on a fish.

#3. Susan saved the fish and returned the ring.

#4. She even collects a lot of golf balls during her dives.

#5. Let us not trash this beautiful planet of ours.

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