Has your child ever swallowed a piece of LEGO?

Do you have any idea “How long will it take to exit?”

However, Dr. Andrew Tagg from the University of Melbourne and few courageous pediatricians made a decision to take few LEGO heads, therefore, they can find “How long will it take to exit?” and find out the answer for the very question.

Pre‐ingestion bowel habits were standardized using the Stool Hardness and Transit, or SHAT, score. The primary outcome was the Found and Retrieved Time, or FART, score, which averaged 1.71 days. However, unfortunately, one pediatrician who still was not found his lost yellow head even after two weeks of searching.

As per the healthcare professionals, swallowing a LEGO is not a big deal. However, “Although the majority of items children swallow pass through, some can be dangerous and parents should still be vigilant.” Said Dr. Tagg.

If you need more details, You can go through with the research published in the Journal of Pediatrics and Child Health from here.

We know that it is still unbelievable. Check below video to see how the doctors are eating LEGO:

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