The number of people who have been spreading globally in recent times has increased to 2 million 18 thousand 524. There is an insufficient supply of doctors and equipment to care for them. Not only that but the number of employees is also declining.

If there were no medical practitioners, the war would be dead right now. it is, therefore, a flexible moment for them to see the image of their mind when they are unaware of the task of staying at home.

Therefore, the leading workers worldwide at this point are coming together ar one request. that is, they tie up the general public to be at home so that they can do their job better.

This is something that all the public needs to consider. Think of it as curl up in a cozy room and eat chocolate chips cookies while watching your favorite series. You saved the lives of others. The university professor Dr. Leana Wen,  said the lodging would save lives.

Leading workers throughout the world beg people to stay home

stay at home
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stay at home
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stay at home
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Social distance is the only way to reduce the cover of this condition, which means we are all engaged. “If we don’t change our behavior now, the infection will spread immediately and our wellness care system will develop.” As a decision, “it will cause more harm and also losses,” warns Lena Wen.

Here nurse demonstrated why staying home during infection is none of yourself

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The marks on the faces of the doctor heroes who have done much to treat Coronavirus.

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