In the past few years, the trend in the enhancement industry has moved away from obvious implants and toward more subtle ways of lifting and creating a more youthful shape.

As more women consider this type of surgery, they raise an important question: are implants required to get the best results from a breast lift, or is it better to go implant free?

Like any surgery, we take a case-by-case approach to every client, and there is no definitive answer to this debate.

Let’s examine the pros and cons of each approach, and figure out if implants really do improve a breast lift, or if they can be avoided.

Implants + Lift

Breast augmentation procedures have been done for a long time, and recently more patients are looking for some additional lift to counteract increased size and droop. This has become popular in the USA, UK & Australia especially. Top cities like London, LA & New York have many clinics, but you can also have breast enhancement surgery in Bristol, Manchester, Melbourne and other smaller cities now.

Patients have reported high levels of satisfaction with the implant and lift combo and even a small implant can provide a more round and complete shape in this procedure.

Keep in mind, however, that not everyone is looking to increase size, and implants may bring on some unwanted stress or pain that they would rather avoid.

The world’s most artful surgeons are capable of adding implants in a way that increases the breast volume without adding to overall size, meaning a patient will not change bra size.

For some women, this is the ultimate scenario since it gives them a full shape and a bit of extra lift without too much extra weight or having to buy new clothes.

Does a Breast Lift Look Better With or Without Implants?

Lift without Implants

It’s undeniable that some women simply don’t need any additional volume to their breasts, and a breast lift without implants is clearly the best route to take!

It doesn’t surprise us that more women are choosing this approach to breast enhancement since it generally leads to a sleeker and more sophisticated look.

Many clients are satisfied with their breast size already, and they get the confidence boost they need from a lift without any added size.

For women who just want to combat gravity and don’t want a total overhaul, the lift is the way to go. In some cases, breast implant revisions require lifting, making it a less invasive procedure.

Many patients applaud the fact that this procedure is very difficult to detect, as the incision lines tend to be less obvious and there is no major variation in breast size.

There is also a shorter period of recovery for this type of surgery, which is appealing for women who want to get back to work and life sooner rather than later.

As we stated earlier, there are also some physical limitations that patients must acknowledge when considering implants, which makes the lift on its own a more appealing option.

No matter a client’s age, breasts with too much volume can be a hindrance in daily activity, and sometimes even be an obstacle to getting in shape or achieving professional goals.

In these cases, implants are definitely not the answer, and women in this position may even want to consider looking into breast reduction surgery if there is real discomfort.

Consultation is Key

With so many variations on breast augmentation, lifts, and so forth, the real difference-maker in overall patient satisfaction is going to be the unique capabilities of the surgeon.

While many doctors will prescribe a singular solution to a problem, the truth is that every client needs a thorough analysis and consultation before they commit to surgery.

In fact, many of our patients have undergone previous procedures and were dissatisfied with the outcome.

While some of these instances were the result of poor surgeon skill, it is more often clear that there was a lack of communication between the doctor and the patient.

Either the client did not make her needs clear to the clinic, or the doctor jumped to conclusions and performed the first type of procedure that came to mind.

Thankfully, we are nearly always able to correct the mishap and achieve the desired result, and this is in large part due to strong communication.

It is always better to take a consultative approach to ensure the patient gets the outcome they want, instead of rushing into surgery and creating new problems.

Does a Breast Lift Look Better With or Without Implants?


With so many variations on breast augmentation and lift techniques, there is no shortage of possible paths to satisfaction.

Some women are perfectly fine retaining their current level of size and simply opting for a lift, while others want to up their breast volume for a more full and round look.

Whether one option looks better than the other will depend on aesthetic preferences, the comfort of the patient, and the capabilities of the surgeon.

Even if you have your heart set on a specific procedure that you read about or heard from a friend, it is always worth exploring all your options!

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