“The more you think you know about sports, the more you will realize you don’t know because sports evolve.”

The statement belongs to legendary coach Bill Self, who’s lost 18 games in a row and decided to do something to effect change. And the changes he made pushed him to the top of the list.

Does Bill Self Wear A Toupee

Who Is Exactly Bill Self?

He goes by Billy Eugene Self, Jr. On December 27, 1962, he was born. An American who coaches collegiate basketball is named Bill Self. Since 2003, he has served as the State University of Kansas’ head men’s coach.

The Jayhawks won 16 Big 12 championships, including an NCAA-record 14 consecutive regular-season titles.

Additionally, he led the Jayhawks to NCAA championships in 2008 and 2022 and four NCAA Final Four appearances (2008, 2012, 2018, and 2022). Self got introduced into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in 2017.

Self concluded the 2021–22 season as the 18th-most successful Division I coach in NCAA history and the fourth-most successful active head coach. He is the first coach to have led Kansas to three NCAA Tournament appearances in school history. Only the Hall of Famer Phog Allen has had more coaching success in Kansas history than he does.

Does Bill Self Wear a Toupee?

College basketball is filled with enigmas. Fans have always been curious whether Bill Self is wearing a toupee.

Bill Self: Is Bill Self bald? Let’s look more closely.

When Did Bill Self Start to Wear a Toupee?

I’ve been careful about Bill Self for more than ten years. It doesn’t matter that they reached three Final Fours, won numerous Big 12 championships and captured the national championship in 2008. No, I only watch the KU broadcasts that have been mixed up so I can see Self’s dome better.

Something seems wrong. I suspect Bill Self toupee is at work. Between his scalp and hair, Self has a large amount of space. I dusted off some old files and checked his time in Tulsa and Illinois to find out more.

  • January 29, 1998: Bill Self, then-basketball Tulsa’s coach, observes from the sidelines as his team plays SMU. An average-looking head of hair for a 35-year-old male is present. That is the pinnacle of Bill Self’s hairstyle.
  • March 15, 2003: Illinois’ current coach, Bill Self, makes plans for the Big Ten Tournament. In the last five years, he has lost a lot of hair.
  • March 22, 2003: Bill Self’s hair looks fresh and vivid a week later. A substantial change. Has he changed his shampoo? Conditioner? There was no way to use Rogaine. According to their product, results may not be seen for up to four months. Is that a hair plug? Perhaps. That offers the most compelling defense against Self’s inborn locks.
  • April 4, 2008: Coach Bill Self of Kansas leads a drill in anticipation of 2008 Final Four. Undoubtedly, there is some thinning. It merits notice since it makes me think of the first Illinois image.
  • March 31, 2016: Declared said at a news conference after winning the 2016 NCAA Coach: “The puzzle is fitting together.”
  • November 9, 2021: Soon, Bill Self would take over as coach of the Kansas Jayhawks against Michigan State in the Champions Classic game. Self’s hair had stayed the same on his head for five years. He can be positioned in front of a fan to cool cement.

I’ve seen enough, thank you. Although Bill Self, the basketball coach, hasn’t acknowledged it, he probably owns a hairpiece. I’m one of many who feel the evidence is overwhelming.

In 2017, Kentucky Sports Radio host Drew Franklin backed up my claim. Regardless of tensions, KSR is a powerful media outlet. Additionally, Bill Self’s toupée has several Twitter accounts. My argument is supported by other users, which strengthens it. If anything, they are delighted about it. On Twitter, jokes have no place.

The Best Toupee Is for the Best Self

Drew Franklin, the KSR pregame host, has better explained Bill Self’s toupee or hairpiece than Bill Self himself.

Franklin claimed to have witnessed one of college basketball’s most remarkable feats, Bill Self wearing a hairpiece, in one of his comments on the KSR website. He was astounded by the artistic design of the hairpiece, which was unmatched in the history of wigs.

Bill Self’s toupee was a piece of art as opposed to cheap wigs that cost $5. The precision, the attention to detail, and the follicles embracing Self’s bald scalp were all outstanding examples of handiwork almost entirely concealed from view.

Franklin claimed to have witnessed it. He had only been a foot away and had seen it up close and personal. Was he really that certain of the distance?

“The hair on Bill Self is a lie. A Kansas fan would validate my assertion that I am a horrible judge of excellent hairpieces and that Self-paid top price for his surgically implanted wigs. Drew Franklin stated as much in his comment.

What’s the Fuss about Bill Self Toupee?

Does Bill Self wear a toupee? Are we rational? No, we’re idiots. Why? This is because we’re attempting to be cunning to demonstrate Bill Self’s toupee-wearing. At the same time, the guessing game keeps many of us on the run, and the Bill Self hair or Bill Self toupee, whichever remains on Self’s head, looks seamy.

The toupee seems authentic because it matches the Self’s natural hair and suits Bill the most. Because of this, it appears natural and makes him appear better.

You Can Have the Same Hairpiece Bill is Using

Making the hairpiece on the wearer’s head appear natural is the toupee’s most successful trick. People do not have to infer from their appearance that he has hair on his head and natural hair.

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Does Bill Self Wear A Toupee


Does Bill Self wear a toupee or wig? Until the media is more open about it. Let’s keep the guessing game going.

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