Depression is a very common illness in recent times. The corona pandemic has seen an increase in depression cases all around the world as everyone is confined to their homes and outdoor activity and social interaction has come to a halt. This has a grave impact on our lives.

People with depression experience more than just feeling down or sad. It can cause a range of symptoms including sexual problems. Stress, low self-esteem and constant tension are the most common factors for erectile dysfunction.

According to NIMH, men are also more likely to lose interest in sexual activities when suffering from depression. It means that with depression, men don’t find interest engaging in sex and may not find it appealing. Antidepressants are the leading cause of erectile dysfunction in men. Antidepressants may also cause other sexual problems like delayed orgasm and premature ejaculation.

Depression is referred to as loss of interest, reduction in enthusiasm, constant feeling of sadness and anxiety. Loss of interest in social interaction, low self-esteem and irritability may also cause problems for experiencing pleasure. In men and women, this constant feeling of depression and stress may pose more problems regarding sexual health which in turn worsens the cycle of depression.

Depression Affect Your Sex Life


Sexual dysfunction in a depressed person needs to be assessed immediately and sensitively as it is a delicate matter. Treatment should be best suited to individual needs. Some suggestions for treatment include:

●    Behavioural therapy to improve sexual desire

●     Reduction in the dosage of antidepressants

●     Delay drug intake until after sex

●     Use of herbs and multivitamins for erectile dysfunction

●     Suitable treatments such as the use of medicines like Levitra which helps to treat erectile dysfunction. For more information visit,

●     Changing antidepressants

Additional Tips

Along with medicines to treat depression, there are many additional steps you can take to improve sexual health.

  • Ask a medical professional about adding a medication for sexual dysfunction (such as Viagra or Levitra)
  • Exercise regularly to improve mood and physical activity. Sometimes, excess weight also contributes to loss of interest in sexual activity.
  • Talk to your partner about how depression is affecting your sexual performance. Open communication may not resolve the issue, but it will be better to share your thoughts.
  • Seek a sex therapist who might suggest some techniques to switch up your performance.
  • Therapy with a trained counsellor can help you address sexual trauma, feelings of anxiety, fear, guilt and poor perception of body image.
  • Education about sexual behaviours and responses may help you overcome sex anxiety. Open communication with your partner about your needs and concerns helps overcome barriers to healthy sex life.

Depression Affect Your Sex Life

If treatment for depression is not improving your libido, then it’s better to consider other causes for sexual dysfunction such as hormonal imbalance, chronic diseases, drug abuse, alcohol intake, or use of medications for other conditions. Cause and effect may not be clear, but addressing sexual dysfunction when treating depression may improve performance.

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