All it takes is one quick swipe through social media to see a ton of hype about the keto diet.

It seems like every wannabe celebrity and fitness guru is talking about the fat-loss benefits of this new craze, but how much evidence exists to support these major claims about keto?

We know a thing or two about the science behind hydration, electrolytes, the keto experience, so let’s figure out once and for all: does the keto diet help you lose fat?

What Does Keto Really Mean?

Folks throw around the term “keto diet” all the time, but a more accurate way to look at it is a phenomenon that occurs when your body reaches a certain metabolic condition.

Typically, our systems rely on glucose from the carbohydrates we eat, and these “sugars” help fuel our muscles and organs throughout the day.

Keto simply switches out that fuel source and uses fat instead, which over time causes us to produce ketones in the liver and keeps the body operational that way.

The transition takes a while and has some side effects, but there have been countless amazing testimonials across the internet that support the trend.

People report improvements in focus and cognitive function, as well as improved skin and hair. We’ve also heard that chronic pain and inflammation go away after a while on the keto diet, which can be a life-changing relief for many folks with tough conditions.

The Results are Real

As for the fat loss question, the answer is a resounding YES! When followed properly, the keto lifestyle can absolutely help you burn a ton of fat and drop weight at a healthy rate.

Just be aware that while this isn’t rocket science, there are a few key parameters that will dictate success or failure in your keto experience:

  • Carbs need to be kept LOW, and we mean only about 5% of your food intake.
  • Protein is necessary, but should only comprise about 35% of your macros.
  • Fat is your friend! 60% of your calories should come from complex, healthy fats.

That’s right, eating more fat can equate to major fat loss, however counterintuitive.

Given you stick to this macronutrient ratio, you can start your keto quest right now!

Fat loss experts say that dropping between one and two pounds a week is the ideal scenario since you want enough calories to stay functional at work and in life.

Folks who follow the game plan often see dramatic turnarounds in their physiques in just a few weeks, but we aren’t saying it’s easy.

You need to have systems in place that track macronutrients, keep cravings at bay, and combat the dreaded keto flu, which can give you symptoms of grogginess, laziness, and bad moods.

That’s why we recommend gearing up with some of the best keto products on the market, which will we discuss next.

Does The Keto Diet Help You Lose Fat

Tools at Your Disposal

You may have a steel-trap mind and iron will, but when faced with the worst symptoms of carb withdrawal, even the toughest keto champs hit that brick wall at some point.

We’ve supported so many people on their keto journeys over the years, and it’s clear that everyone has different things they struggle with when making this lifestyle change.

That’s why we have a ton of excellent keto diet supplements that are engineered for different tastes and dietary requirements.

The idea behind these products is simple: get your body the electrolytes it needs to push through the cramps and discomforts that come with the keto rollercoaster ride.

Instead of going up and down every few hours, you can experience more even energy and mood throughout the day and tackle stressful tasks without caving to sugar.

Whether you opt for the electrolyte powders, the liquid drops, or the dissolvable capsules, there is a product that fits your lifestyle and tastebuds.

Way too many people get discouraged by their first failed attempt at going keto, and we recognize that it’s a grind.

But you’d be surprised how much a small investment in a supercharged product can help keep you accountable to yourself and remain steadfast in reaching your goals.

For example, a 50-serving jar of electrolyte powder can help keep you on track for those tough two months, then you can look back on the empty jug and smile!


We won’t lie and say the keto lifestyle is a breeze. It’s a challenge for sure, but it is one of the most rewarding experiences imaginable if you stick to the blueprint.

With science on your side, you can overcome a lot of the obstacles that get in the way for keto newcomers and veterans alike.

So whether you’re embarking on the journey for the first time or you’re a longtime keto warrior, be sure to stock up on the tools of the trade and make that mental commitment!

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