Little kittens are quite amazing animals. They are fond of playing, so they play with any object they find. Playing helps them to know the world around them. They play by jumping around, biting, clawing and in other ways. As they play with small objects we have to take care of them well as they might swallow small stuff. They are like babies, cute and lovable. 

At times they are super naughty and playful and at times they are really angry. When they get angry even their own siblings turn into rivals. Though these kiddos fight a lot, ever see a doggy stop them from fighting? You’ll love this cute incident.More info & Photo courtesy: Dixie


Here’s Dan, the male mommy of the kittens. He is an Australian Shepherd and Newfoundland mix male doggy who does the mommy job better than mom cat. So Dan keeps an eye on the little fellows and looks after them, and makes sure that they are under his control. And if he’s nowhere around to be seen they mess up a lot. 


However, they are very daring and they are not scared of anyone except Dan. They stop their fight whenever they see Dan, so all Dan has to do is appear in front of them.


Just take a look at how it happens.


Though they are afraid of Dan, one little guy seems okay with Dan. It’s because both of them are good friends. Have a glimpse of their friendship.


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