There are many people in the world that owns a dog that likes nothing better than
jumping and rolling in the nearest muddy puddle. Rolling around in mud and muck may
be a behavior that, of course, dogs don’t share with humans, and maybe for this very
reason dog owners don’t understand and typically don’t love it. It’s true that your dog
has got to get a shower afterward, which may be a hassle. But, punishing your dog, for
this behavior, is quite like cutting him away from his wild side.

Any dog can get easily overexcited and excited with the changing environment, the rain,
the puddles, the water running right down to the sewers. It’s easy for a dog to lose its
mind when mud covering themselves and consequently the whole mind. Well, one thing
is needless to say, it looks like it is a strong case of temporary insanity which is not

Sometimes dogs show pride in something we tend to associate pigs with… that being a good roll and jump in the mud. They aren’t insane. Not any more than a child who likes
to dance within the rain or play within the mud. Most of the time this kind of behavior
comes from boredom once they simply don’t have anything better to try to.

There is speculation that this behavior is, in fact, instinctual. The idea for this comes
from predatory behaviors. Rolling around in the mud or other substances can mask their
scent allowing them to creep up on prey more efficiently. Often we make mistakes, often
early within the dog’s life, that leave lasting repercussions.

We grew up in a world in which dogs are everywhere and easily we came to know them.
Neither is it news that dogs, after all, are a totally different species and that they will
always display behavior that’s specific to them.

Dogs are quite amazing creatures and that they are good at adapting to the human way
of life and modifying their behavior is while still meeting their own needs. It’s up to us as
owners to assist them to achieve this balance instead of falling into the human trap of
labeling them stupid, disobedient or naughty.














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