Dogs can be friendly, affectionate, loyal, and adorable, but they can also turn out to be total slobs. You don’t always know whether you should laugh or cry when you return from a visit with an asshole dog like the ones on this list.

Please share your proof that dogs can be assholes with friends. You can add it to this page and upvote any favorites!

#1 No One Is Gonna Believe That I Actually Ate Your Homework


#2 Left My Baby Husky Alone For A Minute And I Come Back To This

#3 I’m Glad You’re Home. It’s Been Pretty Boring Around Here

#4 Look At These Two Trying To Drown Their Brother

#5 My Friend Just Got A New Puppy

#6 When My Dog Decided To Sit On My Cat

#7 Yes, This Is A Perfect Place For My Bathroom Break

#8 Dog Who Is Also A Face Mask

#9 Get This Thing Off Me!

#10 Who Did’t Let The Cat Out?


#11 Overly Attached Dog

#12 Badass Shiba

#13 Bathroom Break

#14 I Own This Human!


#15 I Don’t Always Sit On Cats But When I Do, I Sit On Miles

Bill Killillay

#16 Yellow Pillow

Dona Minúcia

#17 There Was A Spider, But It’s Gone Now

#18 I Was A Little Cold


#19 Where I Can Put My Bone?


#20 Welcome Home, How Was Your Day?
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