A new study found that domestic dogs can actually read human faces and understand several different human emotions. Furthermore, a study suggests that they are also skilled in assuming just how trustworthy a person is and acting accordingly.

Dogs know when a person is untrustworthy


According to a new study conducted by Akiko Takaoka of Kyoto University in Japan, the capability of dogs to realize that a person was not trustworthy was measured.

In order to test the dog’s ability, the following experiment was conducted:

1. Firstly, the experimenters pointed to a container with food hidden in it. Therefore, the dogs ran to the container and ate the food which was hidden.

2. Secondly, the same person showed an empty container. The dog ran over but the dog was not able to find food.

3. Thirdly, the experiment points to the refilled box. But this time, the dog ignored the cue.

The outcome of the experiment was the same for all thirty dogs which have used for the study.

sad dog

When looking at the results of the experiment, it is proven that dogs are also gifted of creating loyalty with their owners against other people. In an experiment, the dog owner would request someone for assistance. In this situation, there were people who were kind and supportive to the owner while some people were rude and impolite towards the owner. Thereafter, they tried to offer the dog a treat.

dog covered eyes

In the research, it has identified that the dogs would favorably accept a gift from a person who was nice to their owner or did nothing in response to the request for assistance but would reject those who were impolite to their owners. Therefore, it has proven that dogs have some understanding of human social interactions.

it might be advantageous to recognize the emotions of humans as well as other dogs. The study demonstrates that dogs can extract and integrate bimodal sensory-emotional information, and discriminate between positive and negative emotions from both humans and dogs.

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