Dreams have gotten undivided attention since the Mesopotamian civilization 5000 years ago because of its perplexing nature and the belief that a person’s future is depicted by his/her dreams.

Sleeping is a default state in us but there is a specific time for sleep. That is because our body will not support when our brain is awake and our body is kept awake during the day time by the secretion of chemicals such as Acetylcholine. Dreams mostly occur during the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) stage of sleep, while brain activity is at its highest, according to the American Sleep Organization. Most of dreams last for about 20 to 30 minutes and there is only a 95% chance to remember what you dreamed about which is actually healthy because you’ve had a nice sound sleep.

Dream interpretation has long been a topic of scientific, religious, philosophical and superstitious interest throughout recorded history. Sigmund Freud, the Austrian neurologist known as the father of psychoanalysis, has written an entire book about it known as “Interpretation of Dreams”.

Nevertheless, modern psychologists believe that a person’s dreams can be directly connected to that person’s life. It is upto ourselves to investigate them properly to see of they are signs of suppressed childhood memories or before-lives, subconscious thoughts or just random. Following are some of the dreams that should never be ignored.

#1 Unable to find a bathroom?

You are stressed and cannot free yourself from it like when you have a bladder filled to the maximum.

#2 Loss of teeth

Psychological distress or actual teeth grinding.

#3 Lost in a house/building

Undirected in life.

#4 Entirely naked

A feeling of vulnerability or a new beginning.

#5 In childhood home

Possibly a sign of repressed memories.

#6 Running away from something

Facing something in your life that you want to run away from.

#7 Missing an appointment

Worried about being late or missing a future appointment.

#8 Car breakdown 

Your life is changing direction.

#9 Falling

Out of control or insecure in your life.

#10 Someone who once hurt you

A possible sign of Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD).

#11 Taking a test without studying

Unprepared for something in your life.

#12 Swift changes of people and places

Disorganized in real-life.

#13 Flying

No limits ahead!

#14 Dying

The end of something and the beginning of something else.

#15 Someone else dying

A person needs your help.

#16 No shoes on

Feeling off-guard.

#17 Tornado / Hurricane

(Mostly women) Stressed.

#18 Pregnancy

Decides the State (positive or negative) based on your relationship status.

#19 Car out of control

Paying more attention to obstreperous things in your life.

#20 Travelling

Feeling monotonous.

#21 Your Ex in your dream?

Missing the good old times.

#22 Your fights with EX

Wishing to make amends with them.

#23 Meeting a celebrity

Subconsciously thinking about song lyrics or lines from a movie.

#24 Intimacy

Either you’re lonely or it’s a fantasy.

#25 Nightmares?

Have firmly established fears.

#26 Water

Going through a sea of emotions in your life.

#27 Slept with someone you shouldn’t have?

Adapting the traits of the person you see in your dream into your life.

#28 A secret

You’re hiding a despicable characteristic of yours from others.

#29 Cheating on your partner

Feeling the burden of not giving enough attention or time for your lover.

#30 Hidden room

Tapped into parts of your personality that have been dormant.

#31 Alien abduction

Fear of being rejected or finding new opportunities.

#32 House Break-in

The intrusion of negative people into your life.

#33 Child separated from you

Your child is crying out for love (probably seen by new parents).

#34 Despicable bugs

Examine what is annoying or “bugging” in your life.

#35 Roads

Guided in the right path.

#36 Plane crash

Insecurity about your life goals.

#37 Vacation

You want to run away from something or need time to refresh.

#38 Money gain

Good fortune.

#39 Money loss

Fear of loss.

#40 Fire

Impending danger / suppressed anger / a desire cemented deep down.

#41 Neither speaking or moving

No say in a certain matter or monotonousness.

#42 The End of the world 

Hidden negative emotions.

#43 Trapped / Crushed

A lot of responsibility lies on your shoulder.

#44 Drowning 

Something is pulling you down.

#45 Wearing a mask 

Covering up an aspect of your personality.

#46 Back in high school

Tired of the adult responsibilities.

#47 Spiders crawling

Manipulated by someone.

#48 Snakes 

Presence of evil.

#49 Food

Craving nourishment or just plain hunger.

#50 Basement of house

Hidden secrets from others.

The meanings of your dreams can sometimes be different from the above according to your circumstances. After all, worse nightmares can happen when you are well-conscious.

“Day is over. Night has come. Today is gone, what’s done is done. Embrace your dreams, through the night. Tomorrow comes with a whole new light.”

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