As the world plunged into chaos in the wake of the COVID-19 virus, the daring stood their ground. Creating a groundbreaking leap, Dr. H.T.R Priyantha presented the truly humane and valourous nature of himself being the first person in the world to give away his hotel to accommodate COVID-19 quarantining, free of charge.

Dr. Priyantha Extends The True Heart Of Sri Lankan Hospitality.

Photo Courtesy: Dr. HTR Priyantha

With the sudden overcrowding and accommodation issues at healthcare centers, people flying into the country and foreign nationals who had nowhere to go were in distress. Dr. Priyantha, as a gallant Sri Lankan stepped forward to offer his hotel to the National Health Ministry. This Facilitated quarantining of individuals in complications. He was the first person in the world to take this initiative which honored him with the ‘CSR Project Of The Year’. This was presented by the prestigious Business World International Awards for 2020.

Providing Supplies And Aid To The Government.

Dr. HTR Priyantha
Photo Courtesy: Dr. HTR Priyantha

Extending the genuine Sri Lanka heart of hospitality, Dr. Priyantha expresses the importance of putting forward humane contributions in desperate and unprecedented times. This gesture of going the extra mile by acting what he stands for, the decorated businessman opened up a brand new avenue for the global hospitality industry which became a foundation for the crippled industry to come back to its feet. The capabilities of mankind in unison can be astounding, and this single event is the prime example of it. These actions assisted and nurture the shell-shocked society in midst of an Earth-shattering pandemic.

He Was Appreciated Nationally & Internationally.

Dr. HTR Priyantha
Photo Courtesy: Dr. HTR Priyantha

This was just one noble deed that Dr. Priyantha has taken. This graceful social service extended further with him donating PPE and other healthcare equipment which were in shortage. They were donated to both medical and military fronts which were grinding day and night to shield the nation against this global pandemic. The demonstration of these virtuous acts went forth with Dr. Priyantha aiding the public financially and with necessary supplies including PPE which were in a shortage at the time. 

Supplying PPE In A Shortage The Country Faced.

Dr. HTR Priyantha
Photo Courtesy: Dr. HTR Priyantha

The Business World International Awards made it an opportunity to shine a spotlight on Dr. Priyantha’s valorous steps which presented him as a role model in reshaping the hospitality industry as well as a fountain of humanity.

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2 years ago

Greatly acknowledge and appreciate the kind gesture and helping nature of Dr.Priyantha during this difficult time of pandemic by offering his hotel free of cost to cater for quarantining Covid-19 patients. The world is still a nice place to live in when we have such kind hearted philanthropists.