Wildlife photography and videography is a tough job. But there’s nothing some cleverness and skills cannot overcome.

Nature on PBS is a documentary film series that skillfully captures the beauty and the beasts of nature. In a recent video posted on their YouTube channel, they take us unbelievably close to a stunning swarm of Monarch butterflies.

The video shows how these colorful butterflies huddle around trees in the winter. The picture created is so spectacular that one would even doubt its existence. They have achieved this by disguising a drone to look like a hummingbird. The video says that hummingbirds aren’t a threat to the butterflies, and because of that, the butterflies remain calm in the presence of the drone.

Drone Disguised As Hummingbird Captures Stunning Footage Of Monarch Butterfly Swarm
Image source: PBS

As shown in the documentary, the swarm of Monarch butterflies are getting together to keep warm, waiting for the temperature to increase. Then after the temperature rises to an optimum level, the butterflies take flight, creating a magical sight.

The safety of the cluster was guaranteed as the moving parts of the drone were shielded to not to harm the butterflies. Due to this reason, the butterflies not only flew around it comfortably, but some even landed on it.

Watch the video footage below.

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