In the year 2017, a group of tourists including David Xing came to South Africa for a vacation. As we all know, Africa is famous for its plenty of state preserves. So, David Xing and his travel gang didn’t forget to visit a nature reserve in South Africa. In these nature reserves, you can see the African Big 5. They are elephants, lions, leopards, rhinoceroses, and buffaloes.

While moving to the Chobe National Park, David was taking videos and photos because he didn’t want to miss a single incident. Among all those incidents, there was this particular incident that David really didn’t want to miss. This travel gang was so lucky to witness a mama elephant giving birth to her calf. Their incredible timing paid off, as David Xing was able to snap this amazing video showing the miracle of life.

So this tourist gang was close enough to watch the mama elephant give birth. They captured the whole scene because it was so unexpected as well as such incidents happen rarely. It was a priceless as well as a magical moment for these people as they saw the new baby elephant open his eyes for the first time.

Mama elephant gives birth

Last but not least, David Xing uploaded the video on YouTube and added a mind-blowing caption.

Mama elephant gives birth

After giving birth, mama’s herd came and joined with mama. They rushed around her and greeted her and her newborn baby.

mama elephant gives birth

The lucky tourists snapped a lot of photos and left the place in order for the herd to celebrate that happy moment.

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