Elon Musk and technology are two words that are almost like synonyms, nowadays. The cutting-edge technology developments that Elon Musk presents to the world through his companies which include but are not limited to Tesla, SpaceX, SolarCity and Starlink, are honestly mind-blowing and keep us wondering about his foreseeing mind in amazement for hours and days. The latest invention by Elon Musk is through his start-up, Neuralink.

Some of his unique and amazing inventions include the Tesla Cybertruck, the million-mile battery and the SpaceX projects. The newest by him is tiny but does a job that none of us had ever thought of before.

Neuralink is currently in the process of building a chip that streams music directly to your brain! Amazing, right? How he comes up with all these ideas, God knows! This man is brilliant!

Elon Musk Neuralink Chip Streams Music Directly To Your Brain
OTL Releasing

While this start-up has received a whopping 158 million USD in funding, they are currently developing a brain-computer interface which comes with the incredible ability to stream music straight into your brain, among many other game-changing functions. While he responded in the affirmative about this upcoming feature in a reply Tweet, he revealed a little more about another feature in another Tweet.

He said that Neuralink has the potential to determine our hormone levels and manipulate them to our advantage in terms of increasing abilities and reasoning and relieving anxiety etc.

Anyway, back to the chip! What’s the enigmatic technology and thinking behind this astounding innovation? Although nothing has been revealed to the public in detail yet, Musk let a bit of the information escape when he said in 2019 that it would be like a ‘sewing-machine’ device that would create a connection between a computer and a chip inserted within the brain.

As advanced this technology sounds, there has to be advanced methods through which users will have access to it. To insert the chip inside the brain, a process similar to laser eye surgery will be done on the individual, involving a ‘neurosurgical robot’ that would fit flexible ‘threads’ inside the brain. That’s not it. A USB-C cable will provide ‘full-bandwidth data streaming’. Didn’t just this idea itself revolutionize our whole music experience?

If you thought that this is solely for entertainment purposes, you’re wrong. As Musk mentioned in a Tweet, this technology has the potential to be developed to gain medical advantages such as to be an aid for people with Parkinson’s disease, brain injuries, autism and anything that require brain calibration. Further, he explained in another Tweet reply that this could be used to retrain the brain part that causes addiction or depression.

While all these sound amazing as well as scary at the same time, just like any other technology, its results will depend on how we as humans embrace it and what we will utilize it for in the future.

Until more information is released on August 28, let us know what you think about this, in the comments section.

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