When plastic gets into the environment, through improper disposal or by degrading into microplastic, it can end up causing huge amounts of damage to our ecosystems.

However, Chiang Mai supermarket has succeeded in eco-friendly packaging. They have also received positive feedback from environmental activists for this eco-friendly packaging, this was revealed to the world. Thailand has begun bundling all fruits and vegetables in banana leaves and flexible bamboo.

This technique is a common thing among vendors in tropical locations. However, it is hardly seen in commercial supermarkets. Therefore, photographs posted to social media have been shared among many.

According to the GoodNewsNetwork, eco-friendly packaging is giving good results than plastic in many ways. The leafy greenery is biodegradable so it will make nutrient-rich compost. Next, the leaves are readily abundant in the tropics, due to that there is a low carbon footprint to source them. Another benefit would be, the leaves are offered for free — or, at least, for a fraction of the price as plastic.

packaging doesn’t get any greener The use of banana leaves instead of plastic for packaging vegetables is a great way to reduce single-use plastic. Source: Facebook/PerfectHomesChiangMai
Banana leaves wrapped vegetables
A great green alternative Banana leaves are a great alternative to plastic as the leaf is large, thick and supple enough to be folded. Source: Facebook/PerfectHomesChiangMai
Local biodegradable solutions could work for other geographical locations In more temperate locations the use of banana leaves could be significantly more expensive than plastic. However, using local biodegradable products could be a good alternative in locations where bananas don’t grow. Source: Facebook/PerfectHomesChiangMai

Furthermore, when compared with plastic, leaves are thick and waterproof, making them an excellent choice for food. Leaves are resistant to humidity and there are no toxic chemicals included. In conclusion, social media users have defined that the green leaf packaging is more appealingly than unappealing plastic bags. Therefore, this method brings win-win solutions to everyone.

Check below Photos of the product packaging which has gone viral after the local realty company Perfect Homes Chiang Mai shared them to Facebook.

“When it comes to cracking Chiang Mai’s plastic troubles, for sure there’s still a long way to go; but kudos to Rimping Supermarket for a positive step in the right direction,” the realty group wrote in a blog post.“And if it means just one less plastic bag littering the landscapes, fouling the waterways and choking the storm drains in this fair [country] of ours, then we reckon it was well worth us posting!”

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