The times when women were looked down on and restrained to the kitchen, or in other words, male chauvinism, are long gone now (at least in several parts of the world). Men have been made aware that “boys will be boys” does not work anymore, and this lets women live the way they prefer to, without being under patriarchal rule.

It is the woman who is strong enough to tackle the pain of giving birth which is considered as the most painful thing that can be experienced by a human. It is the woman who meticulously handles the many responsibilities of several children at once.

strong women

Women are much stronger than they seem, if the boundaries set around them by society are removed. Are you or are you not confident of your womanly strength? Don’t let anyone else decide it for you, read the following to act the strong woman you already are.

Believe in yourself

You have to believe in yourself, focus on your goal, have faith in yourself and fight to seek what you want. A strong woman always knows what she wants in life and she can figure out the right path to it.

Know your worth

Identify your strengths, weaknesses and capabilities. You don’t have to be perfect but keep in mind that you are unique. Never ever compare yourselves to others.

Become a survivor

Accept your past without regrets. Handle your present with confidence. Face your future without fear. Let mistakes get the best of you on no occasion.

Feel and Express

Don’t hesitate to express how you really feel. Under any circumstances, don’t be afraid to show your vulnerable side and let others know you are only human.

Seek respect, not attention

If you feel you don’t receive the respect you deserve, walk away without hesitation because that is what a strong woman would do.


Always forgive your enemies. The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong. The strongest is the first to forgive.

Be honest

Being honest is a primary requirement to build healthy relationships. It is always better to make someone cry with the truth rather than comfort them with lies. It will also lead you to the right person because cheap people cannot afford something as expensive as honesty.

It is not the attitude that makes you strong. It will only give a false alarm to the society. Truly, it is your standards and boundaries that makes you strong. Look at the storms that come in your way in the eye and wink at it. Never let it bring you down.

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