When people first started developing tools to make life easier, every single little detail of a tool had a specific purpose. Nothing they did was by accident or simply for flare. Even what was meant to be artwork had a specific purpose that had to do with either religious beliefs or common everyday activities. Everything was very intentional, and nothing was abstract.

This makes sense when you consider how few raw materials were being used, and that everything you were using in your craft had to be painstakingly harvested or gathered by hand. When a project consists of back-breaking work, the designs tend to become pretty practical. Most of us might not know it, but that is still the case with many of our everyday items today.

From soda cans and can openers to seams and tape measuring machines, there are tiny details in the design that may at first seem purely aesthetic but that actually serve a very useful purpose. Sometimes their purpose may even seem blatantly obvious, but in reality the product’s intended purpose is something you never thought of! Here are 10+ everyday things you didn’t know the purpose of. (h/t)

Little Holes On Padlock

Look closely at a padlock, you’ll notice a little hole at the bottom. It allows water that gets inside the padlock to drain easily and it is also used to pour oil into the lock so that it doesn’t get jammed up.

What’s The Use Of The Loop In Back Of Shirt?

If you own collared shirts, you must have noticed a loop at the back. This was a practice originated from navy sailors back in the day as they used this loop to hang their shirt on hooks. This became quite popular and nowadays the loop is used as a sign of quality and class.

What Are These Random Buttons On Jeans For?

These button rivets are put in place to make sure that the jeans don’t get torn or wear out easily. This brilliant idea was first developed by world-renowned Jeans maker Levi Strauss for his Levi’s range.

What’s The Use Of These Flaps On Juice Boxes

They sure look cute, aren’t they? And no they are not there to help the juice box fly… They are intended to make it easier for the children to hold them.

Cute Looking Dents On Golf Ball

It’s all science… Apparently, the dimples on golf balls are there because golfers realized that balls with nicks and bumps would travel further as compared to smooth ones.

Arrow On Gas Gauge Has A Purpose

The clever idea behind this arrow mark is to let the driver know which side the filler cap is located. Sure, if it’s your regular car you would know it but this will defiantly become handy when you are in a rental car. This little feature will save you from the embarrassment of pulling into a gas station from the wrong side.

The Question Which Baffled When We Were Children

Remember the erasers we had when we were small that came in two colors? The old theory was that the hard-blue part was supposed to erase ink but we all remember it wasn’t true. So, what exactly is the blue part for?

Well, the paper artists use a thicker type of paper and that’s why they want to use an eraser with more sensitive friction.

Why Most Doorknobs Are Made Of Brass?

Brass isn’t exactly cheap and yet, most of the doorknobs we see are made of brass. Ever wondered why?

The science behind this is, brass is more resilient to germs and bacteria and since doorknobs are used by so many, brass helps it to be sterile. So, if you don’t have a brass doorknob you can consider getting one now.

Why Are These Tiny Holes Drilled In Airplane Windows?

If you ever flew on a plane, you should have noticed a small hole in the window? Little freaky isn’t it?

it’s called a “breather hole” and because when a plane gains altitude, the drop in air pressure needs to be compensated and the breather hole helps the cabin pressure stay at a safe level.

Does The Ketchup Bottle Driving You Mad?

Well, that’s because you didn’t try out this trick. Turn the bottle to a 45-degree angle and tap the ’57’ logo. The sauce will come out easily. Yup, You’re welcome.

Wondering What Extra Fabric With Clothing Is For?

Did you think that it is because if the pants or shirt rips you use the extra fabric?

False, The extra fabric is to test out material in a washer to see if the material shrinks or the colors bleed.

What’s The Use Of The Cylinder At The End Of Cable Cord For?

This contraption helps prevent any electromagnetic interference from damaging or interfering with your device.

The Removeable Headrest In Cars Can Be A Life Saver

You might have observed that the headrest in cars is removable, this is so that is you ever get trapped in a car, you can use the headrest to break the car window.

Color Codes On Toothpaste Tubes

Bottom of every toothpaste, you will notice a colored block. It could be black, green, red, and blue.

These are called “eye marks” and they assist machines at the assembly line to determine where to cut the toothpaste and fold for packaging.

How To Reheat Your Plate With A On Go

When you microwave frozen food, it can be really frustrating to discover that the middle of your food is not properly heated.

The best way to counter this infuriating problem is to leave a hole in the middle of the plate and then heat it. You will notice that it heats the food more evenly.

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3 years ago

How do you suggest we ‘leave a hole’ in the middle of frozen food?