An attractive body is always a blessing for a lady. It builds up their personality and confidence to face the world. Some females get a beautiful body from birth while some females work hard to make their bodies attractive.

A major body part that Asian females don’t pay their attention to is the buttock area while the females in western countries are obsessed with having a perfectly rounded, fleshy booty bun. Anyway, the skeptically minded women think that you should love your body regardless of its shape, although it’s true.

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The buttock area of a human is made up of gluteal muscles which are a group of three muscle tissues. They are gluteus minimus, gluteus medius, and gluteus maximus. These three muscles originate from ilium and sacrum and end on the femur.

Muscles in the buttock area
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A set of Oxford University researches found that females who have fat thighs and butts have a lower risk of heart diseases, diabetes (type 2), cholesterol, high blood pressure, atherosclerosis and many other serious health conditions. This lower body fat depot consists of a lot of protective properties that have been confirmed already in many studies. And this has been clearly mentioned in the International Journal of Obesity.

It is also said that having more fat in your buttock is associated with higher levels of Omega-3 fatty acids that function the human brain properly and Leptin which is a hormone that helps to control hunger signals.

So, it’s really important to have a perfect muscular, toned butt and by doing the essential exercises for your buttock area, it will be easier for you to reach your perfect dream body.

Here Are The Best Exercises:

#1 Glute Bridges

#2 Donkey kicks

#3 Sumo Deadlifts

#4 Bulgarian Split Squats

#5 Swimmers

#6 Walking Lunges

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