Almost every photographer has a dream to capture a certain image. It might be in their minds for many years or months. And if that dream comes true you are really lucky. The wildlife photographer from India, Nitish Madan’s dream had come true at the Ranthambore National Park, Northwest India. The hunting ground of the former maharajas is now a tiger conservation center.

The photographer is in love with animals and is into conservation and he makes sure that the animals are protected as he takes guests around India’s National parks for photography tours. Nitish had said to the My Modern Met that he has a strange connection with tigers and that they give him the power to move on. He had said that when he sees one he cannot take his eyes off the animal. And that they are breathtaking to see them in the wild and they ooze power and magnetism.

It’s no wonder that his dream image is one with a tiger in it. He had to wait almost 10 years to get a perfect image of a tiger strolling in front of the ancient ruins in Ranthambore park. While he was with a group they had seen fresh tiger attacks, and then only they had found two female tigers. And then he had finally captured the photo after watching them.Nitish Madan: Facebook | Instagram

Via: MyModernMet


He had said that when he saw one of them walking towards the Padam lake his heart was pounding and his fingers were ice cold. Madan had said that it was a moment he was waiting for so long and finally he was able to get one. He had taken the picture as he had practiced thousand times. The photographer had said that but this time it was a female tiger and that he thought it was a dream. Through his work, he tries to change the way people think about these animals. To make them aware that the animals are disappearing slowly due to hunting and the changes in the environment.

While he was trying to capture his dream image he had also captured some more pictures of the tigers.




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