Eyelash and eyebrow tinting is a process of applying a safe and semi-permanent dye to your eyelashes and eyebrows. This treatment is done to achieve the look of wearing mascara without having to apply daily makeup.  It is a vegetable oil-based dye used to color the lashes black, which results in minimizing the irritation around the eye area.  But due to this oil-based dye, eyelash and eyebrow tinting does not last long.

Eyebrow Tinting usually lasts for about four weeks.  It can last longest when you keep moisturizing your eyebrows well and avoid using oil-based cleansers.  The dye is applied so close to your eyes, which is a susceptible area, so you should avoid doing this beauty treatment at home.

Eyelash Tinting Time Frame

It takes a total of fifteen minutes to complete the lash tinting process.  Before starting the treatment, unique protective strips are placed around the eyelids to prevent the dye from reaching out to cornea and avoid any damage.  Then the color is applied to the lower and upper lashes.  The dye must then set for at least five minutes to get better results.  Finally, the dye is washed away, and you can see the results.  It can last up to five weeks.

Who should avoid these treatments?

If your eyes are infected due to any reason, then hold off on making an appointment for eyebrow or eyelash tinting.  Before tinting, your beautician will do a quick patch test to make sure if there is no allergic reaction to your skin from the dye.  If you feel any allergic reaction, then it’s best to avoid this treatment.


Who regularly get their eyelashes and eyebrows tinted enjoy various benefits.  If you have naturally blond lashes, then getting them dyed will give a more dramatic look to your eyes.  The main advantage is it lasts longer, unlike mascara, which you must apply every day.  Lash tinting is an excellent option if you have active and busy lifestyles.  This treatment will give you a more coiffed and polished look that requires no maintenance.

Eyebrow And Eyelash Tinting

Care after treatment

After you get tinted your eyelashes and eyebrows, avoid washing your face with water at least 12 hours after the treatment to let the dye settle in.  If you still want to wash your face, then use a cotton pad or ball with a cream cleanser or mild gel.  If you wear contact lenses, you will need to leave them out until the next day, so it is advised to bring your glasses to the spa.  You can use some eye drops to soothe if you feel any sensitivity to your eyes after eyebrow or eyelash tinting treatment.


As earlier I said, it is a very sensitive treatment which requires professional skills, so avoid to dye your eyelashes or eyebrow at home.  Most of the time, I used spas near me to get a list of the best esthetician in my area, so you may also try it and book your appointment for getting this treatment.

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