We live a life where our surviving is more prioritized than living in the real meaning of it. We have grown and developed up to a point where the circumstance is being disregarded in the face of money and power.

The constructions that grow wildly running down the greenery, greed that is being fed than hunger has wrapped up the reality in disguised fantasies.

Life than can be more visible in the eyes of human in regarding the simplest little things first place, and open-mindedly creating the attitudes towards one another might expose the eyes towards the absence realism in humanity.

We have unknowingly cuffed ourselves so blindly into slavery by technology in the name of development and call us free species. In real scenario the freedom we have with a brain of vast capacity are purposely limited into a box where it leads to a cage with eyes blind folded.

The video below shows the chaos of the present-day world and tends to open minds of all the sleeping crimes.

As Agent Smith says in the Matrix “Human beings are a disease, a cancer of this planet.” Which always entitled that this human species are the only ones who destroys the real life on the planet and fight for a life that is not even realistic. The video provides good examples of this scenario. (H/T)