Helping out the wildlife to grow is something that the wildlife conservationist works on in many ways. Apart from that one other major problem is the attacks between wildlife and humans. As the wild animals attack farm animals, the humans attack the wild animals in return. Researchers from South Wales University have come up with an innocuous solution for this problem.

After 4 years of research along with Botswana Predator Conservation and local leaders, they have received amazing results. The research was, they had painted eyes on the backsides of the cattle. As per the results, the cattle painted with eyes had survived more than the non-marked cattle or the ones painted with a cross mark. More info & Photo courtesy: Botswana Predator Conservation


The solution has the concept of defense, which is being used by many animals. As per the observations of them, the main attacker on the farm animals is the lion. Anyways due to this way of painted eyes the lions had been disheartened with the fact that their attack was unsuccessful. 

This innovative solution is very helpful. As the farmers go into illegal methods to protect their herds the wildlife gets reduced. By this method, the wildlife also can be protected. 


The researchers had conducted 49 sessions where each session was 24 days long; 2061 cattle had been observed throughout these sessions in the 4 years’ time. The cattle had been grouped into three, one group with painted eyes, one with a cross mark, and the other group with no marking on them. Out of 683 cattle with painted eyes none had died, 15 out of 835 cattle who were not painted had died from lion attacks, and 4 out of 583 cattle with a cross mark had also died.

It’s not a full-proof solution but it could help a lot in protecting the herds. And also it helps to keep good terms between the wild animals and the farmers, also it educates them to live in harmony with the wild animals.

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