This senior citizen, Minnie Graham spent her last few years of her life at a nursing home which is located in Garland, Texas. In a certain day, the much-loved 98-year-old great-great-grandmother started saying her family that the staff was not so good and they are abusing her. As per her, the female hospice worker who was assigned to the grandmother was very harsh.

There were bruises in Minnie Graham’s body. Therefore, Granma’s family, mostly her granddaughters, wanted instant answers due to this situation.

These hospice workers convinced Minnie’s family that she had fallen out of her wheelchair, so those bruises have appeared. However, her granddaughters were curious and didn’t believe the hospice worker’s reply.

Therefore, Minnie’s determined family decided to take a ballsy and proactive approach by setting up a clock in her room rigged with a hidden camera. After they set up the hidden camera, they were shocked by the outcome.

Fortunately, due to the technological advancements, Minnie’s family was able to find the truth and reveal it before she died.

Now you can watch the below video to see how Minnie’s family captured on those hidden tapes. Please share the video for community awareness.

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