A number of interesting close-ups of bees were clicked by Josh Forwood, a wildlife camera and drone operator. His work is quite famous, and has appeared in Disney, BBC, NatGeo, Netflix, and PBS. In the quarantine period he had clicked some amazing pictures of bees and he had taken the decision to release them on World Bee Day.

Check Josh’s social media accounts for more of the incredible work.More info & Photo courtesy: Josh Forwood | FacebookInstagram



There are about 20K bee species in the world and most of them, about 90%of them, stay alone. Josh had said that there only about 10% of them live in hives and many use them mainly to gain honey. Though they look alike, when we see closely they are not alike.



As per Josh the bees who live alone are better pollinators than the others because they don’t use pollen sacks in their legs to store pollen and they cover themselves with pollen making it easy to pollinate.



He had even said about bee hotels which can be a home for bees. He had explained how to make them in a video. And said that it’s easy for anyone to do it in their own garden or so.



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He had used an old Panasonic GH5, a 100mm Canon macro lens, and a field monitor to take these beautiful pictures.



 As he had said all the pictures have natural light as he doesn’t use lighting in his works related to wildlife. He had said that these bees were all in his bee hotel.



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