Dog-fighting is a blood sport that occurs between 2 or more dogs. This not just like a normal dog fight happening between stray dogs. This is way worse than that.
There is a specific place for this cruel activity. Since this activity is illegal, they are happening at night, in secret areas. The people who organize such activities find good looking game dogs and let them stay in dog cages without positive human interactions. So while staying in the cages, since no one is there to look after them and knowing the fact that they can’t escape from this hell, their anger grows. When these dogs are put together they fight without knowing anything. By fighting with anyone next to them till the death only they release their pain and anger. Because of this, it says that dog-fighting is one of the cruelest acts in the history of mankind.

Today’s story is coming out from one of the largest dog fighting raids in the world. There are more than 350 traumatized and neglected dogs in different dog-fighting raids situated in Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi. Each and every dog was chained to a post with no food and water, no exercise, and no positive human or non-human interactions. This story has become trending news because these cruel people have chained an eight weeks old innocent pup.

Chained little puppy
Image Source- ASPCA

But luckily an organization called ASPCA, The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, who works tirelessly for the betterment of animals who have been neglected and traumatized tracked down the illegal dogfighting areas and rescued those poor dogs including 8 weeks old Timmy. This buddy was the youngest pup to be rescued. This skinny pup had a heavy metal chain around his neck which clearly shows the level of cruelty of the men who were involved.


The puppy looks so happy
Image source: ASPA


The 2 ladies are cuddling the puppy
Image Source: ASPA
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