Injustice and violence on African-Americans is a highly prevalent racial issue in the United States. The recent protests all over the country are also the results of the unreasonable murder of George Floyd, an African-American by Derek Chauvin, a white police officer. This video of a group of black teens being shot by the police clearly shows the extent of police brutality and unfair treatment towards African-Americans.

Deputies of the Los Angeles’s Sheriff recently pulled a drive-by on some black kids. The video doesn’t show how the interaction was initiated, making it somewhat fair for the cops, but the ending of the confrontation is dubious. The video shows around 5-6 black teens peacefully walking on a sidewalk when suddenly one of L.A. County Sheriff’s Dept. cruisers pulled up next to them and released a hail of rubber bullets on the teens.

The teens were not even participating in the protests, and were holding backpacks and skateboards. As the cops started to shower the kids with rubber bullets, they were already moving away from the cops.

Watch the video below to learn more

Alex Villanueva, the L.A. County Sheriff stated that he’s well-aware of this video involving his deputies. He further remarked that his department is actively investigating the case, and also encouraged the witnesses to contact the LASD.

LA protests
George Floyd protests in La. Source –

While the original reason of this confrontation is yet to be known, the video clearly shows how the police violently attacked a group of teens who were just calmly walking in the street. The video caught the attention of LilNasX who tweeted: “This is why we need to push as hard as ever this time.”

According to LilNasX, this is the exact reason why the general public should continue to protest against the police at the moment. This unreasonable brutality towards African-Americans has been in the country for too long, and it’s high time the citizens stand up as one to put an end to it.

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