With the recent uproar about environmental hazards that took place over the world, many people are paying attention to protect Mother Earth. Researchers show that 15.3 billion trees are cut down annually to fulfill various needs of men. However, woods are not compulsory for all our goods even though an alternative has not been introduced as yet. Fortunately, a Dutch start-up company called CocoPallet has taken initiatives to change the trend.

All their redesigned pallets are made with recycled coconut husks and the end product is  100% organic, durable, lighter and cheaper than woods. More than anything, it can prevent the destruction of around 200 million trees annually which are otherwise cut down for traditional shipping pallets. This technology was developed by researchers at Wageningen University and was commercialized by Michiel Vos, the founder of CocoPallet.

More Info: cocopallet.com

Jan Van Dam, a plant scientist at Wageningen University says that “It looked like a normal piece of hardboard. But was completely made out of coconut bark”.

In many countries particularly in the Asian region, coconut is widely produced and most of the times, only the fruit is used by people. Coconut husks are mostly wasted. But, coconut husks can be used for purposes including the production of pallets. These coco pellets are stronger and lighter than the old-fashioned pallets. They are fire retardant and easier to stack. They are also cheaper and very sustainable.

So, in this age where people are much concerned about recycling, this would undoubtfully be a great initiative to save millions of trees. If used wisely, it can be used for multiple purposes and the ability to use it for better purposes lies in our hand.

Even the waste products from your own home can be recycled and reused in multiple ways. so, think different and try to do something different for mankind!

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