There are a huge amount of animals all around the world who meet horrible fate when it comes to crossing roads. There was always a big issue that was left unattended, this resulted in losing many animal and human lives.

As a result, many countries and many organizations try different remedies for these issues. And this is a piece of wonderful news coming from Utah, giving the wildlife a chance to ensure their survival which was challenged by the highway. Scroll down to read more about it.More info & Photo courtesy: Utah Division of WildlifeFacebook | Instagram


Utah Division of WIldlife Services Video

The I-80 highway through the state of Utah has been known to be the worst place in the state for animal accidents in the past year. In fact, there is a 13 mile stretch on the I-80 that is called the “Slaughter Row” for obvious reasons.

In a span of a couple of years, the “Slaughter Row” alone took the lives of 142 animals including Deer, Elks, Mountain lions, and Moose. It was a serious problem until Utah Division of Wildlife decided to build a wildlife overpass for the animals to cross the highway.


Utah Division of WIldlife Services Video


Utah Division of WIldlife Services Video

Although it was expected to be later, animals started using the bridge earlier than it was predicted. That was a really good sign. Many people, Non-Profit Organizations, and the authorities struggled to find a solution for this matter until the plan for the overpass came in. After a while of pushing the government to approve the project, the overpass was built. Now everyone is witnessing very positive results for both humans and wildlife out there.

Check out these awesome pictures and footage of this successful project. Feel free to leave your ideas in the comments section below!


Utah Division of WIldlife Services Video


Utah Division of WIldlife Services Video


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2 years ago

I have seen these bridges in pctures and wondered why I had never seen one. There are lots of deer crashes in my area. This would be a game changer for all.