The world has changed a lot with the influence of social media and how people have changed their lives because of it. Social media has given people certain standards that have been created and embraced by people themselves. Some of them have been proved to be useful, while others caused nothing but trouble.

Body shaming is one of the worst things that have been created as a result of social media influence. People try to look more and more ‘perfect’ while looking at regular bodies shamefully. This makes a lot of people feel bad about themselves and causes a lot of negative stress, insecurities, and issues. This has been a tragic situation before the trend of body positivity showed up.

Body positivity came up as a trend to love yourself for being who you are and how you look. But there is a lot of body shaming and debris of the old toxic mindsets still lurking on the internet. So, inspirational people take a stand to show you that no one has to be perfect by chasing an unrealistic body. No one could deliver the message clearer than an Instagram influencer who is famous across multiple social media platforms. Meet Bree Lenehan, who is known for looking fit and using her influence over social media to get her message out there.

What she did was really inspirational since she posted a comparison photo of what she usually posts and her real body a few seconds apart. These morphed photos let people understand that even popular people such as Bree still have unique bodies. It is just a matter of posing and angles.

She posted a picture every Monday, creating her own trend named “Real Me Monday.” These posts have been inspiring a lot of people to love their bodies in a positive way. So we thought of supporting her cause by sharing a set of 27 photos that she posted. Scroll down to check them out and let us know what you think about them. Visit Bree using the links below.

More info & Photo courtesy: Bree Lenehan | TikTok | Youtube




























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