Your hatred towards exercising and workouts are because of how it makes you feel. It is as real as someone hating to go to work every day. It is linked with the heart!

There are some things that you have to do, even if you don’t like doing it. Exercises are like medieval torture and a way to inflicted pain on oneself. If you still hate workouts and on or aren’t doing it because you hate it then this article is for you. One of the most important reasons why you should start working out is your fitness and wellbeing. Other factors like the ability to handle stress better, dealing with anxiety and other issues, reduced risk of illness and heard diseases, strong muscles, and bones, and help with spieling are few other benefits you would get from working out. Plus, don’t you want to look good with a toned body and upright body posture. But the question here is how can go from hating it to actually starting it and even like what you are doing. Well, follow these tips for it.

Find your Jam

One of the reasons why you hate doing exercise is that you are not doing what you like. Forcing yourself to do something ends up with you hating it, most of the time. The best way to not hate exercise is to do what you like. Take your time and find what you like and once you know to follow your heart. Just to be clear we are talking about exercise and workout here.

Don’t try to be a lone wolf if you are not, because that might be the thing that is making your workouts sessions boring.

Dress Upright

Have you noticed why do you have pain or cramps after the workout every time? inappropriate workout clothes are the most common reason. Wearing your regular jeans and shirts to the gym can affect the workout, results, and might also be the cause behind the hatred for it. So, always dress upright according to the weather, type, and location of your workouts.

Give it Some Time

Before thinking you hate it, just give yourself some time. The body needs a little bit of time to adjust to new habits and routines. Adding or removing something from the routine can disturb your mood. Once it becomes a habit you won’t get bored of it. But if things go down, you can always try something else.

Make it a Part of Routine

You will hate it when it feels like a chore or a burden. Making exercise a part of your routine makes your mind and body adjust to it better. Including walking or running into your life like, walking to the office or cycling or running back from it are easy ways to exercise without noticing it. Playing with your kids in the evening is a good workout and makes you the fun type of parent.

Tips To Change The I Hate Exercise Motive

Break it up

You don’t have to all of it right now. Break your workouts into small sections for instance, instead of exercising an hour thrice try working out half an hour 5 times a week. The small and quick exercise session is less boring. Actually, you would not even have the time to think of either or not it is boring.

Keep Going

Did you miss your workout? No worries, everybody struggles once in a while. Go pick up from where you left last time and everything is fine. But if this becomes a habit you might want to consider changing the time you workout at. What time is best for you to work out depends on your routine. Sometimes changing the time or place gives you enough motivation to carry it on.

Pull your Shit Together

You are an adult so stop whining like a child. By the way, children like to exercise. Have you seen your 5-year old sit peacefully for 5 hours or not play in the entire day? I bet you haven’t. If they start doing that, they would be grumpy and frustrated.

Being adults, you have to do things you don’t like. But we do it anyway because it is for our own good. Exercise and workouts are one of those things.

What do you Hate?

I hate exercise is too vague of a statement. There are thousands of exercises and different types and forms of it. You have to be a little more specific about what you have and what you don’t. There sure would be some type and form that you will totally like. But you haven’t tried it yet so you don’t know.

If you hate running, try strength training. If you hate strength training, try bodyweight workouts, if you have to work with weights try martial arts, or swimming. Just start with what you like. Once you get the hang of it to go back and try a little bit of what you thought you hated. If you have any type of physical and intense activity please refer to the previous point.

Choose the least-bad Option

Starting with what you can do, or what you hate the least is easier. Or you can just start with a doable or least hating intensity. For instance, if you hate running just start with a 100-meter run. If you still hate that, try jogging instead. Start with light intensity and low impact, once you ease into it then try increasing the limit slowly. Basically, all you are doing is negotiating with yourself.

Making it Enjoyable

Actually, there are a lot of ways to make your workouts exciting and enjoyable. Grab a friend with you, or make a friend at your workout place, play your favorite music, or listen to your favorite podcast.  Motivational speeches and looking up to your inspiration also help. Point out the unpleasant part of the problem and find a solution to that.

Mix it up

Even if you like something, let it be food, or sex, or even your favorite song, doing just that makes it boring eventually. Like eating pizza all day every day will get you bored and tired of it. So, what to do? Try a mix up of things or doing different exercises.

You can skip the gym for a month and sing up for martial arts or football club. Don’t want to do that? Well, try including different exercises into your routine when you start getting bored of the current routine.

Exercising is a must because of its mental and physical health benefits. There is more than just one way and type of workouts. Try out different things and stick to what you like.

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